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Password security also a necessity for smartphones

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Online security has branched out from only computers to include other devices such as smartphones. Consumers who neglect to protect these gadgets with passwords may quickly find that their personal information is in the hands of thieves and cybercriminals.

Smartphones have become immensely popular among consumers and employees alike, making them a perfect target of malicious parties as a result. Just as a password manager can protect personal and corporate computing devices from being accessed by unauthorized individuals, so too can mobile password managers. Article should read: 7 simple methods for protecting your privacy.

Such solutions generate complex credentials and always update user passwords for their various accounts. Consumers no longer have to remember lengthy phrases, because such actions are handled by the password generator.

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Just as a password manager can protect personal and corporate computing devices from being accessed by unauthorized individuals

Password security also a necessity for smartphones

A survey conducted by NQ Mobile found that many consumers are failing to keep their mobile gadgets safe from harm. Only 52 percent of respondents require a passcode to access their devices, even though a quarter have lost or had their devices stolen. Of the consumers who purchased new products, 31 percent still do not employ authentication.

“Consumers are entrusting their mobile devices with their most valuable information, and they seem aware of the problems that a loss or breach of security can cause,” said NQ Mobile CEO Conrad Edwards. “Still, we’re not seeing people taking the level of ACTION they should in order to protect themselves.”

Given the popularity of devices such as smartphones and tablets, hackers and thieves are likely focused on taking advantage of owners using these products. Consumers should ensure their sensitive data is safeguarded with passwords at all times to avoid theft or attacks against their personal information. Solutions such as a password manager can help users gain such protection.  Recommended reading: Top 5 Android Antivirus Apps.

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