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Are You Ready to Switch to VoIP This 2014?

Posted In Technology Reviews - By Tess Young on Monday, May 5th, 2014 With No Comments »

If you had kept yourself from taking the big communication leap last year then I’m sure there were good reasons behind the decision. But have you finally changed your mind? Are you thinking of getting the monkey off your back this year and switch to VoIP? If yes then there are quite a few factors to consider prior to investing your hard-earned money. Let us delve deeper into the factors that can affect your move:

Will VoIP Improve Your Organizational Efficiency?

Organizational efficiency is one of the factors that are definitely affected by the quality of communication system at office. Your employees need to keep in touch with both their colleagues and customers and it is huge challenge if the communication infrastructure of company does not support them well. Efficiency of your employees can be positively affected if there is an advanced system like VoIP in place. The reason behind the improvement will be the numerous telephony features that they can use for better communication among themselves as well as the clients.  

VoIP TechnologyYour employees will be able to share real time data and at the same time even use their mobile devices like tablets and smartphones to communicate with the clients. Thus, your customers will not have to wait for days to get a problem solved as your employees will be able to deliver solutions without unnecessary delay. This will obviously lead to completion of more tasks within a given time period leading to higher productivity and better efficiency of you workers.

Will VoIP Make You More Productive?

VoIP will give a paradigm shift to the communication system at your office and your employees will become more efficient when it comes to delivering solutions. You will also be able to handle your remote employees more efficiently through the use of advanced VoIP telephony features like video calls and voice calls. The remote employees will be able to log in to the centralized VoIP system even when they are located thousands of miles away from the office. Thus, they will be able to complete their tasks even on the go and you can expect your team to deliver more than what has been set as their targets, which is an obvious justification to the improvement in productivity,

Is your network built for VoIP?

You need to consider whether your infrastructure is good enough to integrate the latest telephony solution or not. One of the prerequisites of using VoIP telephony is high-speed internet connectivity. If you are able to get the right amount of bandwidth then the existing network structure can be easily used for VoIP installation. You might not have to make too many changes and at the same time you can use the same legacy network devices for VoIP telephony. Thus, you will not require any further investments when it comes to switching to VoIP.

Do you have the budget for it?

Well, the initial investments for getting a VoIP service is quite high and you will need to invest money in building the network infrastructure too. In case you run a small firm and do not have too many users then you can go for the in-premises VoIP service or you can opt for the hosted service if the number of users is more than 15. Availing the hosted VoIP service is cheaper and even you will have to pay lesser start up fees. You can scale your services as and when required – all you will have to do is just call up your service provider and request to be shifted to a higher plan.

VoIP is going to rule the communication sector in the year 2014, so with any more dilly-dallying just subscribe to the service that suits your needs and budget.

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