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Ten of the Most Important WordPress Mistakes to Avoid

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Although there are many benefits that come with using the WordPress platform, there are also some critical mistakes that must be avoided as well. One way to avoid most of these mistakes is to use custom WordPress design Los Angeles. The following is a list of 10 of the most important mistakes to avoid when using WordPress to build a website.

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Keeping the default “Admin” username

All WordPress websites start off with “Admin” as the default username. The biggest reason why this is a problem is that hackers and spammers (and yes there are many) are constantly trying to hack WordPress websites by using this username. Change it to something no one would guess, and make sure the “nickname” that shows up on blog posts is different as well. Article should read: How to reset WordPress administrator password by FPT?

Using the default favicon

The favicon is the little icon that shows up in the tab at the top of the browser. It is very easy to make a customized one (just Google “make favicon”) and having a custom favicon prevents your website from looking generic.

Using the default tagline, typically “just another blog”

Why would you want people to think your website is “just another blog” anyway? Readers should be excited, and one of the easiest ways to do that is to have a captivating and descriptive tagline for your website.

Not optimizing images

Optimizing images is important for two reasons: First, you want images to load quickly, be formatted properly, and be clear. Second, optimizing images on your website will help improve your search rankings in Google and other search engines.

Using an engine or template that works poorly with mobile devices

There are literally thousands of great WordPress templates out there for you to use. Some of them are free; others come with a onetime fee. Whether you choose to go the paid or free route, make sure you use a template that works well on smartphones and tablets to maximize readership. See 5 Free Responsive WordPress Theme for April 2014.

Ignoring Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that Google offers which gives you a wealth of information about website visitors. It is easily the best free resource you can use to learn where your traffic is coming from, what they do, and how long they stay. Read more: How to Add Google Analytics Tracking Code to your WordPress Blog without a Plugin.

Not updating plugins

Plugins are the pre-built pieces of code that save you the trouble of learning HTML or CSS. Make sure to update them regularly so they are always working at 100% on your website. Recommended article: 5 FREE plugin for WordPress that your blogs should have.

Not updating WordPress

It is even more important to update WordPress regularly. Hackers are always looking for ways to exploit websites, and WordPress patches will protect you from the latest threats, as well as keep your website running as smoothly as possible.

Not having a way for users to contact you

Reader engagement is the key to success with any website. Having a contact form ensures that everyone interested in contact you is able to do so.

Not optimizing for search engines

Search engines such as Google are hands-down the best way to get new traffic to your website. It is absolutely essential that you build a website that will be indexed properly by Google. Fortunately, WordPress does most of this for you. Should read: How to Use Permalinks to Optimize WordPress.

Choosing a generic theme

Nothing is worse than going to a cookie cutter website, especially since it is so easy to build a customized website using one of the many templates available. It is worth your time to invest in a good looking theme; it will pay for itself many times over. Recommended reading: 5 Things You Must Look For When Choosing The Right WordPress Theme.

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