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Top 10 Reasons to Use Digital Print Technology in almost Every Sphere of Life

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Digital printing has come to threaten offset printing due its wide range of user-friendly features. 

If you thought only its quicker turnaround, cost effectiveness, and accuracy makes it hog the limelight in the world of printing, then check out these 10 reasons that can make you go gaga over Digital Printing.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Digital Print Technology in almost Every Sphere of Life

1. Variety is the Spice of Printing

Digital printing is the most sought after option for a variety of needs like business and invitation cards, certificates, brochures, Plakatid (posters), laukalendrid (calenders), stickers, and so on. Its ink adheres easily to different substrates like ordinary paper, transparent stickers, oil papers etc, producing perfectly finished and vibrant items. 

2. Go Green with Digital Printing

Most digital printers have started using environment friendly colors-devoid of heavy metals, VOCs, and other non-renewable elements. Although digital printers had the bad reputation of drawing in more energy, modern age has introduced more energy saving printers such as Konica Minolta’s Bizhub C550 and C6500, and Océ’s VarioPrint 6000.  These printers release no ready waste, further contributing to the green cause. 

 3. Boon for Painters, Photographers, and Digital Artists

Digital art is a boon to many art enthusiasts for to its flexibility, definiteness, and absence of messiness due to its water or poster colors. The introduction of ‘Digigraph’ in the painting makes it all the more real and painter-friendly. Digital printing gives shape to the digitally conceptualized art, creating a masterpiece to be treasured.  

4. Home Buddy

When it comes to efficient personal use for your child’s project, your office work or an invitation card for your kitty party, digital printers are the best reliable help. Absence of metal plates, easy handling, small-size, low cost etc makes digital printers perfect for home or office use.

5. Space Crunch- No issue!!!

The size of Digital printers makes it more portable and less space consuming. Unlike large printing setup of offset printing, digital printers are smaller in size and light in weight, which makes their shifting less cumbersome. 

6. Home décor with Digital Printing

Digital printing can be applied on a variety of fabrics such as cottons, silks, linens, jerseys which can be treated with a coating to make them ready for printing. The image you choose on the computer screen can be emailed to the printing unit; Lo and behold!! The image then gets printed on your cushion, bed sheets, and curtains with the help of fabric inkjet printers.  

7. Fashion Starts with Digital Print Technology

Designer graphic patterns, enhanced color coordination, high resolution details, quick sampling have made digital printing very popular in textile and fashion industry. Variety of designer clothes in a wide range of fabrics is available in the market. There are smaller textile units also which cater to individual customer’s demands. You can choose your own design or motif, and ask them to get it printed on your own chosen fabric.  

8. Creativity at its Best

Digital printing encourages new innovative and creative ideas by allowing much more flexibility in choosing designs and motifs. The cumbersome process of getting the plates ready for each design is done away with in digital printing, in which the designs chosen by you can be easily emailed to the printing unit, cutting your travelling expenses. This also reduces the manual effort of workers who earlier had to join bits and pieces of the design and create a whole new roll or plate for each design.

9. 3- Dimensional Image

The introduction of 3-D effect is possible only in case of digital printing. Techniques such as layering and illustrative styles create a sense of depth, giving a three-dimensional effect.

10. Sun-resistant and Long-lasting Colors

Modern day digital printers have started using high quality colors like Equipoise, Lysonic etc that are more resistant to fading and effects of Sun than watercolor, lithographs etc. Epson R800 or Epson 2200 printers give printouts that have shelf life of nearly 90 years.

If followed and implemented correctly, these 10 reasons will help you make the best use of digital print technology in your lives.

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