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Top Android Games in 2014

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Android games have always been popular and in demand, they have managed to gain much publicity as always required. So let us take a look at a few top Android games of 2014 till now:

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The Walking Dead: A game based on the popular TV series. It is about a group of survivors in a zombie catastrophe. The game does not have much similarity with the show, but it has the capacity to keep the player on the edge each time the player is into playing. You need to fight the undead and save yourself; your reflexes need to be on the brim each time you make a decision. You can rule the convict named Lee, who has been granted a second life, but along with it you also need to save the abandoned little girl safe. Play the first season for free and we are sure you would be ready to pay for the second season! 

Clumsy Ninja-Top Android Games in 2014

Clumsy Ninja: The latest on the Android market and a funny game that is sure to keep you hooked on to it for a long time. You will get your own sweet little ninja who needs to be taken through a training regime, which includes, trampoline, basketball training and punching bag. As you progress you unlock more animations to keep you going and engrossed. There is no winning and losing in the game, as all you need to do is train your Clumsy Ninja.

Impossible Road: True to its name the game needs you to guide a ball named “The Vessel” through a track without making it fall. Needless to mention that the track would be full of obstacles. Your scores are based on how many checkpoints you manage to cross, you can skip them if you fall off the track and fall below on the lower track. You can download the game from the Play store for $1.99.

Don’t Tap the White Tile: A very simple and free to install game, but sure to keep you engrossed. The game has various modes to it, the best as per the players is the classic mode, where you get a grid with white and black tiles. There is a timer and all you need to do is to tap all the black tiles without tapping the white tiles. The more black tiles you tap the higher will be your score. It may sound simple, but once you start beating your own time you will realize that concentration is a big game player here. 

So, check out these cool games and download them now. 

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Jyotsna Ramani is an avid writer and passionate globetrotter. She loves to read, write and play games. Hence, her passion for android apps and various games in Google play store. One of her all time favorite app is Talking Angela cat app and she is found busy playing it through the day.

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