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Top GPS Tracking Devices & SOS Apps for Android Cell Phones

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We live in a scary world. Knowing that our loved ones are safe needs to be one of our top concerns and priorities. You may consider going out and buying special expensive tracking devices to keep track of the location and whereabouts of your children and family members, but the best and most affordable device available may be your Android cell phone. Check out these top GPS “SOS” Android apps you can use to increase your peace of mind.

Family Tracker Android GPS App (Also Available on iPhone)

Use the handy Family Tracker Android app to keep tabs on the location and whereabouts of your son, teen daughter, husband, wife, or mother–that is, as long as they accept and approve your tracking request. (Sorry, you can’t use Family Tracker to stalk your ex!) Install the Family Tracker app on your cell phone to help you track your teens when they are out and about and make sure your kids are where they say they are. Family Tracker only costs $5.99! App for iOS devices: Waze social GPS & traffic for iPhone, iPod, iPad.

Top GPS Tracking Devices & SOS Apps for Android Cell Phones

iCam: Best Home Security Android SOS App

Don’t have the extra money to afford a top of the line home security alarm system? You might be able to save a few dollars and monitor your home via video with the help of the iCam Android app and webcam equipped computers. Featured on Good Morning America, the iCam SOS app is available on Android and iPhone for only $4.99. This may be the best affordable home security monitoring system out there for you, available right through your Android phone. Alternative app: Sygic – GPS Navigation.

Track Sex Offenders & Predators with this Top GPS Android App

You never know who lives next door nowadays, so use this Android app to determine the number and location of predators living in your local area, especially before moving to a new home or neighborhood. This SOS app costs only $1.99 and is available on Android and Apple mobile phone devices.

Best Android GPS App to Track & Monitor the Speed of Your Teen’s Car

There are tracking apps that tell you where your kids are via GPS satellite, but SecuraFone is one of the few Android cell phone apps that will also let you know how fast they are driving, too! Use SecuraFone to make sure your kids are where they say they will be and aren’t speeding to get there. The $8.95 a month Android subscription fee costs less than speeding tickets and raised insurance prices will!

Top SOS Apps for Android and Apple Cell Phones

Use these top SOS mobile apps and GPS satellite tracking devices for your Android or iPhone if you’re worried about the safety of your children when they’re out on their own or wanting to make sure you or your family members can be located in case of a criminal predator abduction. Like they say, it is better to be safe than sorry!

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