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Top iPhone Educational Apps For Kids Under Five

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As technology continues to dominate our lives many harried parents are finding ways to occupy their kids five and under when on vacation trips or just to get a few moments of peace in their lives. Here are some of the top educational apps for iPhones.

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Top IPhone Educational Apps For Kids Under Five

By: Bram Van Damme

Sketch Pad

It’s quick and easy with this app to entertain youngsters. Simply turn your IPhone into an etch a sketch type device. Kids can select from various colors, pen styles and draw on the screen with their fingers. When they’re tired of that picture, simply shake the device and begin again. Kids love to shake things so this particular app is a huge hit. Article should read: 20 Android Color Apps for kids


If you can tolerate the annoying “whooo” you could download this app. It’s sure to produce a giggling toddler. They simply push the button and it screams out the annoying sound to the toddlers delight.


Developed by a mom who was seeking ways to occupy her own 2 year old, this is sure to entertain. These shapes quiz kids on which shapes to select. After four right answers they get a virtual sticker. If they select a circle instead of the square they simply keep going until they get it right. Great way for little ones to learn shapes.

Memory Game

Older toddlers love memory cards. This virtual memory game helps kids learn where they last saw the matching set. Both pictures and numbers are sure to entertain the memory aficionado set.


Simply touch your finger to the screen and see a rippled effect. Kids love to be creative and make various patterns. They can even capture a small tropical fish as a friend in this game.

Version of “What a Mole” Using Penguins

Okay, so you don’t want your iPhone smashed, but it’s okay, we’re not using hammers here, but fingers. Kids are going to see some cute penguins on the IPhone screen and the more they “whack” the more points they get. Simply tap the screen and try to get 20, or more in as quick of time as possible. Excellent for dexterity and recognition.

Digital Flash Cards

Flash cards are an ideal way for kids to learn facts and figures as well as names of animals and objects. Even learn the letters of the alphabet. Ideal for the child that must learn things hands on.


Kids of all ages love this game. You simply flip rows of white and black chips over until you have filled the board. The only difference in this version is that kids are playing against the phone. Excellent for teaching how to strategize and will keep children occupied in the back seat for hours.


Turn your IPhone into a fish tank of freshwater fish. Kids will learn firsthand how to feed their fish and take care of up to 19 species. Watch them grow and it will keep them quiet for hours.

Now that you know more about these games you can grab some of these apps for your kids under five.

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