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[Tutorial] Using Google Maps Offline on Android and iOS

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Google Maps was updated long ago with preload feature on both iOS and Android. The lastest version of Google Maps comes packed with explore service, it can be used easily to browse maps without typing. Just a tap on search is needed and Maps will show cards about restaurants, bars, and shops. Article should read 5 Google’s Map Innovative Features You Never Heard Of.

Latest Google Maps includes enhanced navigation support. It will show you alert when an alternate short route is available to reach the destination faster. But with the addition of new features in latest Google Maps, an old feature is removed which was called Offline Maps. Offline Maps allowed people to use maps without the need of being connected to internet.

With the removal of Offline Maps feature, Google has added a new way of using same function like offline maps, Just simply type “OK Maps” in search box when you are viewing the area which you want for later use.

[Tutorial] Using Google Maps Offline on Android and iOS

To save the location cache for offline use, Go to the place in maps which you want for offline use, Type “OK Maps” in search box and Maps will automatically start to save the location on SD Card. After that you can access the location offline without internet.

If you are traveling to an area where no internet connection is available than this feature comes in handy.

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