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10 Free Games to Enjoy on Your iPhone or iPad

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The iPhone and iPad were both great inventions right from day one, technological wonders if you want, so what do we do with such devices? We use them to play games, of course. Leaving the joke aside, both devices are great for a wide variety of purposes, and gaming is one of the most popular uses for them. If you happen to own one of these devices, and you’re out of inspiration as to what to play, here’s a list of ten free games that will definitely have you fall in love with them.

#1 Asphalt 8: Airborne

10 Free Games to Enjoy on Your iPhone or iPad 2

Flashy visuals, unrealistic (yet fun!) physics and car tricks that won’t be covered by your warranty if you decide to try them in real life – that’s what Asphalt 8: Airborne brings to the table. The game is a fast-paced arcade style racing game with 47 exotic cars from brands like Ferrari, Bugatti or Lamborghini to choose from, 9 tracks to race on and 180 different events in Career mode – all to keep you in the game.  

#2 Real Racing 3

10 Free Games to Enjoy on Your iPhone or iPad 8

Real Racing 3 is exactly the opposite of Asphalt in terms of physics, as the game aims to take a race car driving experience as close to the reality as possible. It also comes with a big variety of cars and tracks to choose from, but despite being free to download and play, you will notice that if you’re not willing to pull out your wallet and make some in-game purchases, you will find advancing in the game quite difficult. Be that as it may, Real Racing 3 is still worth a shot, thanks to its impressive physics and more-than-decent graphics.

#3 Dactyl

10 Free Games to Enjoy on Your iPhone or iPad 4

If you loved Whack-A-Mole as a kid, you’ll totally love Dactyl, because it’s basically the same thing, except it’s with bombs. Simply put, you’re presented with a grid of bombs, and you have to defuse the ones that are about to go off – it all sounds pretty simple, until you have several bombs about to go off. Are you agile enough to defuse’em all?

#4 Cube Runner

10 Free Games to Enjoy on Your iPhone or iPad 3

Cube Runner will have you wave and wiggle you iPhone or iPad in all possible directions, as you will be piloting through a field full of cubes. The game makes use of your device’s accelerometer – one of iPhone’s and iPad’s strongest points.

#5 Letris 3

10 Free Games to Enjoy on Your iPhone or iPad 7

If you find Tetris games boring and need something a bit more challenging for your inner-brainiac, Letris 3 is it. You will have to arrange the letters that will drop drown to form words and earn points, all while avoiding hazard items and debris.

#6 1800

10 Free Games to Enjoy on Your iPhone or iPad 1

1800 is all about simplicity. The game features a thick red line and a cursor that moves rapidly from one end to the other; the aim is to stop the cursor as close to the center of the line as possible. Before jumping to conclusion and catalog the game as plain boring, make sure to give it a try – it’ll prove you wrong.

#7 Dots

10 Free Games to Enjoy on Your iPhone or iPad 6

Speaking of simple games, here’s another one: Dots, a simple game with a lot of colored dots, all waiting for you to connect as many of them as possible. Earn great points by making combos, or try the different game modes and get rewarded with a lot of funny badges. The game is a whole lot of fun.

#8 Smash Bandits

10 Free Games to Enjoy on Your iPhone or iPad 9

The game is the evil-twin of the renowned Smash Cops. In case you’ve missed it, in Smash Cops you’re playing as a cop, fighting bad guys in various scenarios; in this game, you’re on the other side, your goal being to cause as much mayhem as possible through the city.

#9 Volkswagen Think Blue Challenge

10 Free Games to Enjoy on Your iPhone or iPad 10

There are a lot of racing and driving games out there, so why would Think Blue be any different, you might ask. Well, maybe because it’s about driving as slowly and economically as possible? The game is developed by the renowned auto manufacturer Volkswagen to promote the efficiency of their latest cars. Your goal is to learn to drive as smooth and efficient as possible, thus going as further as possible with a limited amount of fuel.

#10 Don’t Tap the White Tile

10 Free Games to Enjoy on Your iPhone or iPad 5

Don’t Tap the White Tile is exactly about what its name suggests – not tapping the white tile. You’re presented with an advancing row of black and white tiles, your goal being to tap all the black ones as fast as possible, without taping the white ones. Simple and fun.

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