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4 WordPress design tips you’ll love to follow

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WordPress CMS has been serving as a perfect platform for creating notable websites that serve different purposes. This user-friendly CMS has been effectively utilized for adding value to websites and increasing their worth in the cyber world. Backed by multitude user-friendly features, WordPress has remarkably simplified the process of website development and content management. If you too aspire to design a WordPress website or are already into the process of designing one, this is the post you can’t afford to miss. Here, I’ll be offering you 4 WordPress design tips that will surely assist you in sky-rocketing the success rate of your web design projects.

4 WordPress design tips you'll love to follow

WordPress Design Tip#1-Set up great fonts

Websites with carefully drafted fonts work wonders both, with the search engines as well as the users. As a WordPress web designer, you need to be very careful in executing custom fonts to your website. Doing this will allow you to make the website look more plausible and different from the crowd. With a wide range of third-party websites serving custom fonts for WordPress websites, it becomes convenient for you to choose the right one for your web design project. 

WordPress Design Tip#2-Don’t forget to use memorable colors

Although colors work as the best tools for inviting people to your website, it is vital to use the colors function at the subliminal level. The reason for this is that the usage of several colors on web pages can easily interfere with the visibility of text and make the visitors frustrated as they won’t be able to read the content clearly. As a professional WordPress web designer, I would like to recommend you to follow all the rules for using colors on the web pages. It is advised to use a limited color palette and accent color for designing all the pages that need to be included within the WordPress website. 

WordPress Design Tip#3-Pay attention to formatting of words

Just spraying a set of words on your website’s homepage isn’t adequate for inviting visitors. You need to pay special attention to arranging the words into short paragraphs, sub-headings and bulleted lists. The font for website content must be chosen very carefully. It must be ensured that the content is highly readable and doesn’t interfere with the originality of the site’s design. WordPress’ formatting bar serves as a handy tool for website administrators who want to format their site’s content to grow visitor’s interest and keep them engaged on the web pages. It is a well-known fact that even the most amazing content can lag behind when it comes to diverting traffic to a website if it is not been presented with the right design. 

WordPress Design Tip#4-Make it a point to give credit if using someone else’s images

Images can thoroughly complement the content that’s been included in a website. This thumb rule applies to WordPress powered websites as well. As a WordPress web designing professional, you can either settle down for the free image sources or borrow images from other web designers. If opting for the latter method, don’t forget to give credit to the original creator of the respective image(s). Doing this will save you from any kind of legal troubles that might crop in if you’ve used images that have been designed by someone else. Some of the excellent websites that can be accessed for paid images include and While including images in your web design, make sure to save the same at a size you have planned for. Irrespective of whether you choose to save the images at a lower or at a higher resolution, ensure that the site visitors are able to load them quickly. 

Concluding Words

Hope you’d have found the aforementioned tips easy-to-follow. All through the post, my sole aim was to combat all your doubts regarding the WordPress web designing method. I’m sure by now you’d have got some brilliant insights on completing your next WordPress web designing project with flying colors. So, all the very best!

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