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Advice on Using Rechargeable Batteries in Vaporizers

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The vaporizers models available in the market now, especially the portable types work only on batteries. The rechargeable varieties are the most commonly found because of their durability and efficiency. They last for longer cycles and are reliable to use for a long period of time. The shelf life of the batteries can be prolonged, when you use them in the right way.

Batteries in Vaporizers

Batteries in Vaporizer Packs

The batteries are usually given along with the vaporizers. A compact and easy to carry battery charger is also given, when you purchase the vaporizer. Rechargeable types should be charged fully before you start using them. On a single complete charge, the battery can give you full 5 minutes of vaping. The batteries should be stored in the charger provided with the pack, only when they are charged. The unused batteries should be capped.

Best Battery Type to Use

NiMH batteries are the best and most commonly used battery types found in best portable vaporizer models. There are two types of NiMH batteries, namely, LSD or low self-discharge type, and HSD or high self-discharge batteries.

LSD: The LSD batteries have shelf life that is measured in months. As the name suggests, the batteries have a low capacity of 2000 to 2400 mAh. These are available as ready to use or in pre-charged form. The charging should be done with care as quick charging that is faster than one hour can damage the batteries.

HSD: These batteries have only a few days or weeks of shelf life and their capacity ranges to maximum of 2800 mAh. These can be fast charged within as short as 15 minutes.

Opting between the two depends on how frequently you use the vaporizer. HSDs give only about 6 minutes of vaping time, and they need to be charged every 3 days. LSD batteries are ready to use and come for several months too. But the only drawback with the LSD is they need an accurate charger.

Battery Care

To use the battery, you need to peel off the label and expose the metal casing for it to work in the vaporizer unit. Do not use sharp tools for cutting the label. If it is glued on to the battery, you can use a glue cleaning liquid to remove the label.

The battery should not get heated up too much as this can shorten its lifespan. To prevent overheating, the battery should be pulled back with each draw. This also prevents load loss. When not used in the vaporizer, the batteries should be kept in their case or capped to prevent them from overheating.

Volcano Arrangements are Also Used

People like to think that celebrities are full of hot air. Therefore, the use of a volcano vaporizer that uses a balloon that stores vapors in it might seem appropriate. The fact is that many celebrities use these vaporizers because they are so easy to operate without creating anything that might take a while to fill up. This should be run well to create something of use.

Vaporizers are popular products among celebrities and can be designed in many forms that celebrities tend to enjoy. You should see these choices when it comes to enjoying vapors like the stars.

For those who do not use the vaporizer frequently, the LSD type of battery is the best choice. The reason is it will hold the charge for several months due to its long shelf life. But for frequent users who use the vaporizer nearly every day or several times in a day, the HSD is better as it can be charged quickly without damaging the battery life.

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Simon Hopes assists you in coming up with a decision of using the right rechargeable battery for your vaporizer. He also suggests checking on the compatibility of the batteries towards the best portable vaporizer available in the market.

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