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The service:

As far as the businesses today are concerned, they have the grave need keep their data and other soft copy file safe and secure. As the storage of data is so difficulty because of the numerous disc spaces that it consumes, the inner facilities of the business fall short of the same. They have to rely on the internet for their safe data to be protected. The new element in this area is the cloud storage where one can keep the data in the cloud cables. The second most important thing is the connectivity that it needs to keep in touch with customers, suppliers and other businesses.

The safe keep of data:

data centreThe safe keep of data has been taken up as a service for businesses by the dallas collocation data center which was started in the year 2000 and is going strong in terms of the clients growth and the physical growth in terms of area. The data center is environmentally controlled, climate controlled and other technical specifications have been keenly noted and practiced to the utmost satisfaction of the clients.

The special features:

They have kept long term plans in mind while designing the facilities which include 68,000 square feet of raised floor, SSAE 16 SOC 1 audited facility, 300lbs/square foot leads, Single tenant, single-story building, Redundant HVAC with Liebert air handlers, Each CRAC unit supported by independent roof mounted condenser.

As far as the power supply is concerned, they are fully redundant and 2N architecture which is safe for high density applications which include, 11.1 MW power capacity, Onsite fuel of over 50,000 gallons capacity, Power-to-space ratio of 250 watts/square foot, 2n power through four (4) autonomous power plants, Six (6) backup diesel generators on standby, Generators tested weekly and routinely run at full load.

The security needs have been meticulously planned they have uncompromised standards and include , on-site support technicians all through the year every day every week and every month, they have Biometric access, Physical ID check, installed Full CCTV surveillance backed by digital recording on file for 90 days, Multiple layers of security and authentication; including card key, PIN, and biometrics which are required for facility entrance.

Networking is one of a kind and is capable of providing premium standard connectivity for optimal reliability and nonstop performance and the networking has been enhanced with , High performance IP Managed premium network and budget-friendly IP Plus network, which is Multi-homed, carrier neutral, DWDM connection to the INFORMART and 13 on-net providers with dual fiber entrances.

The support system has been carefully designed and is futuristic in its application and has a team of reliable professional on the site all round the clock and the support activities are assisted with throughout the year customer access, each day of the year, Tier I and II support options, Seamless data center migration and installation, and Comprehensive business continuity and data loss prevention solutions.

The location:

The Dallas data center is located at Irving Boulevard in Dallas and the actual location is displayed on the map in the website of the center. They have branches other than Dallas in cities such as Baltimore, Seattle, Tulsa, Spokane, Oklahoma city etc. The site map also has been provided on the website.

They have resources such as case studies which can be used for future references. The clients can login into the website by creating a login ID. They offer many career opportunities as well.

Special works:

They have back up and connectivity services, managed security and firewalls, managed network and servers, certifications etc, collocation is made possible for connectivity, bandwidth, power, facilities, and collocation benefits, they have cloud facilities such as back up cloud, production cloud and disaster recovery cloud etc. With all the sophisticated features dallas colocation data center is the center to seek for all safe data keeping needs.

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