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The Best GTA Characters of all Time

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Whether you enjoy GTA for the freedom and you just want to create a bit of chaos, or you’d rather do all the missions and complete the game before all your mates, the GTA series has a vast array of characters to keep you entertained. From the original GTA made in the 90’s to the most recent game released GTA 5, every game has it’s unique set of characters. Rockstar north president and team leader Leslie Benzies of GTA has had a big influence on the game series and is involved in the character design and the personalities and the characters designed by his team each have their own backstory and character traits. This article will showcase some of my favourite characters with the GTA series.

Ken Rosenberg

ken-The Best GTA Characters of all Time

Need a lawyer to get you out of trouble with something, Ken Rosenberg is the guy. He was one of the funniest and smarmiest characters in the GTA series. He first made his appearance in GTA Vice City and made a short appearance in GTA San Andreas. He certainly has to be on the list of the best characters in GTA.

Tommy Vercetti

Tommy-The Best GTA Characters of all Time

The main character who you play as in GTA Vice City, Tommy Vercetti’s fast rise to the top of the crime ladder echo’s Tony Montana’s fast rise to the top in the movie Scarface. He has a good nature when around loyal friends but don’t mistake his kindness for weakness. Tommy can turn angry quickly and if you’re his enemy, watch out!

Lazlow Jones

lazlow-The Best GTA Characters of all Time

Known more for his radio shows rather than a full-blown character who you can interact with, Lazlow Jones is the funniest thing to listen to when you’re driving around the map. His callers are completely crazy and Lazlow steadies the show with his neat observations and subtle mickey taking of said crazy callers! The adverts on his show are also hilarious so take a few minutes out in the game to listen and laugh. 

Frank Tenpenny

tenpenny-The Best GTA Characters of all Time

Certainly not a hero, Frank Tenpenny was the villain in GTA San Andreas. As corrupt as they come, this character was loathed by the character you play, CJ. Although he is a villain, he’s still a great character in the GTA series and it’s fair to say that San Andreas wouldn’t be the same if Tenpenny wasn’t in it.

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