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Best Tech Gifts to Buy

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If you have technology-loving friends, there’s no better gift to buy than a new gadget! While you might struggle to think of something that they don’t already own, there are hundreds of different gadgets which you can buy, and not all of them are smart phones and tablets. People often worry about buying something either outdated or too expensive, since expensive gifts can end up dragging people into debt. If you’re worried about getting into debt buying presents, you can always check out top 10 reviews of debt management companies  which can help you to budget and manage your debts. Why not find something unique and trendy to give as a gift? Whatever your budget is, there are a variety of gadget presents which you can buy.

1. Chromecast

Google ChromecastThis media-streaming stick from Google is a great present for any tech-lover, and it’s definitely something which will be used. Using this little gadget is very simple – plug it into the HDMI port of your HD television and you can stream all kinds of media from your smart phone. Whether you want to stream a movie from Netflix or watch some fun videos on YouTube with friends, the Chromecast allows you to do all of this. 

2. WeMo Light Switch

This is a fascinating device, and using this, you can switch off the lights in your home using your smart phone (Android or iOS) no matter where you are. You could be in the same room as the switch or completely away from home in a different city. Apart from this great feature, you can also set a timer so that the lights switch on and off whenever you want them to. If you’re not home, you can schedule the lights to switch on when somebody else comes into the room or even when the sun sets and things start to get a little bit darker. For a gift which any tech fan will use and love, this is a perfect option.

3. Bonzart LIT Digital Camera

This digital camera is so small you’d think it was a toy, yet it has some amazing features and still manages to take some great photographs. The brilliant thing about this camera is that it doesn’t cost very much at all compared to top quality digital cameras, and its 3MP CMOS sensor and cool features such as black and white images make this a great gift for any occasion. The light weight also means that it will fit easily into a pocket or purse, and you probably won’t even notice it most of the time. Bring it out whenever you want to capture special moments and be amazed at the quality which such a small gadget can provide! 

4. Flight 001 4-in-1 Travel Adaptor

This travel adaptor is definitely a great gift for anyone who travels regularly, whether they’re a lover of gadgets or not. This adaptor will work in at least 150 countries of the world, and the red, yellow, blue and green colours make it extremely easy for the user to work out which countries take the different coloured sockets. It’s such a handy little gadget to have, and for those who travel, they won’t ever have to worry about buying a new travel adaptor and making sure they have the right one to take to the destination. 

5. Pocket Speaker

Pocket speakers are tiny speakers which fit in your pocket yet are able to produce sound to fill an entire room. Wave goodbye to the days when you have to cart two hefty speakers into the room if you want a decent sound – you can now produce one right from your pocket. The Matrix Audio QUBE Universal Pocket Speaker is a particularly good one to choose. It is shaped somewhat like a die, yet is smaller than a golf ball. You can expect a big sound from this speaker for up to eight hours, so you can keep the party going all night long! 

6. Logitech Washable Keyboard K310

Let’s face it, we’ve all sat at the computer eating lunch or having a quick breakfast. It might not seem a problem at the time, but over the weeks and months, you’ll start to see a build-up of dust, dirt and food on your keyboard. While people rarely bother to take the time to clean their keyboard because of the hassle and effort which it takes, it is recommended that you clean your keyboard weekly in order to stop it getting too infested with germs and dust. However, cleaning your keyboard is easier than ever with this Logitech washable keyboard, a great gift for anyone who loves to spend hours sat behind a computer screen. It comes with drainage holes which are why it is easy to clean, and the user can simply run it under the tap and get a shiny clean keyboard! 

7. 180s TEC Fleece with Headphones

If winter is coming up and you have a friend who loves to listen to music, what better gift to give than a pair of headphone which come with a fleece? This gadget can be worn quite comfortably with a hat, so if it’s extra cold, you don’t have to worry about it at all. Those who wear glasses will be quite snug too, and they collapse to fit neatly in your pocket, so you don’t have to think about where to store them once you’re indoors.

8. Master Lock dialSpeed Combination Lock

This brilliant lock is great for those who use the gym or students who have lockers at college, since it’s intended for indoor use but has a combination lock so everything can be kept very safe. This gadget makes it very easy for users to keep their belongings perfectly safe, whether it’s at home, in the office or in a locker at your place of work. With a programmable interface, tech fans will love the fact that they can keep everything safe using such a cool and unique little gadget.

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