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How cell phones evolved: A story in pictures

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Useful companions that most of us consider a compulsion in our daily lives called smartphones have quite interesting history associated with them. In the beginning they were not as lavishing, smart, and did not come with so many great features. For instance, in 1983 when they were first introduced by Motorola on commercial basis they could just provide 30 minutes of talk time after 10 hours of charging. And one could only make or receive a voice call over them. Boring it may appear but in 1983 it was a luxury.

Since then the world has witnessed a great evolution in cell phone manufacturing industry. By the ending phase of 20th century cell phones were increasingly available to the masses. This was the time when real completion started. In an attempt to attract more users in this consumer driven industry companies were always looking to give themselves a competitive edge by bringing in something unique and distinguished. During the next decade, the introduction of 3 G services brought in a new revolution in the cell phone industry. Since, big giants like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, HTC, LG, and many others are competing in this dynamically changing environment on the basis of innovation and creativity. Therefore, the one with the ability to bring in more innovative ideas to practicality will win the race till the other one comes up with something more interesting and ravashing. 

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