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Choose a Cloud Service Provider Carefully

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Cloud services have become very common these days as more and more businesses have shifted their operations to the virtual servers. Capitalizing on this growing trend, there are many vendors who offer to give you the cloud services at unbelievable prices and also providing customization as per the needs of your company. However, as a client you must know that one size does not fit all. You must compare all the features before finalizing the service you will eventually go with. Here are the most important six aspects that will help you make that choice.

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Do not go for Vendor Lock-in

It is always better to compare prices and all that is offered in a certain cost to be able to select the best vendor. Mostly companies are offering the pay as you go model where you only pay for the services that you have used and there is no lock-in with the vendor which means that you are open to try other companies too. If you are not satisfied, you are also free to cancel the services.

Server flexibility

When choosing a server you can select from public, private or a hybrid solution depending upon your need. Your vendor must be able to offer a server that is scalable as at one point your business is ought to grow or that is what you are rooting for! If they are unable to accommodate your growing needs then there will be a problem. Your business category will indicate what type of server is required whether it is cloud or dedicated. Always keep exploring the options and do not hesitate to mix and match computing services for efficient processing of the data.

Antivirus and Data protection

The cloud service provider should also offer complete protection from data theft. For instance, if you are using the cloud computing by Apple, they provide you protection by securing your data. All the service providers must give adequate back up support so that in an event if the data is lost, it can be recovered as much as possible. 

As an added measure, you can always protect your machines and find a few good free antivirus protections that will prompt you in case of a suspicious email or link and will also keep your systems clean of any potential risks.

Check the fine print of the Service Level Agreements

It is very important to know full well the level of services that will be offered in case of outages. The fine print of the SLA will give you an idea as to how they will be able to compensate and make up for the time lost during downtime. 

CDN for Media Rich Content

If your website or your business strives on high resolution photos or videos then you can consider using the Content Delivery Network of the service provider. The video streaming has to be seamless to the end user in order to stay on to your website which can only be provided through CDN that ensures fast delivery of live streams.

Reliable Support

There should be a dedicated team to provide you support for the business. Since vrtual environment runs 24×7 it is all the more important for the service provider to have a readily available customer support in case of an emergency.

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