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Download Stickies v8.0a (installer and portable)

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Stickies is a lightweight and free system tool which helps you to write and leave yellow notes to your monitor. Stickies will never support animated dancing figures, or play “Greensleeves”. They are instead yellow rectangular windows onto which you can put some text notes. Once created, they will stay on screen until you take them away.

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Stickies runs on XP SP1, Vista, 7 and 8.

You can read more features of Stickies and download the latest portable version here.

Download the Stickies v8.0a (installer) for your PC here.

Here are new features, changed and fixed since version 7.1e:

New features:

  • Images can be inserted into text stickies
  • Stacks for desktop stickies
  • Friendly name hyperlinks
  • Periodic automatic full backups
  • Properties dialog added for all stickies in all categories
  • Screen grab directly to an image sticky
  • Skin browser dialog
  • Stored sticky category icons
  • Image undo levels can be configured
  • Restore from backup
  • ‘Solo’ a sticky to work with just that one
  • Option to offset screen position of new stickies to prevent overlap
  • New image editing operations: rotate, greyscale, invert, flip, mirror, border, blur, jitter, flood fill, border
  • Configurable tab stops
  • Feature to move data file location
  • Save image stickies as JPG
  • Show recurring parent
  • Default note content files for text and image notes


  • Stickies is now fully Unicode, supporting all languages throughout
  • Stored stickies retain many more attributes, like create time, position, read only, source
  • New data storage format, RTF split into separate files, settings, options and friends into their own files
  • ‘Rescue offscreen’ command now also fixes the Manage dialog
  • Manage dialog has been optimised, and so is less ‘flickery’
  • Hotkey functionality built into the exe file, the DLL is no longer required
  • Text desktop note contents can be edited in the Manage dialog
  • Hold shift while attaching a sticky to attach it relative to the position of the window
  • Option to disable RTL shortcut keys
  • All tray icons can now be changed
  • Choose a place to create a new store category when storing a sticky
  • ‘Set all’ checkbox on the Recurring dialog
  • -rescue command line parameter added
  • Defaul text highlight colours made a little less harsh, users can now change them
  • Title items on menus are now bold, not grey
  • All numeric values in Options have spin controls
  • At startup, the stickies.exe path is checked for data files as well as the CWD
  • Maximum size of stickies raised to 614,400
  • Image sticky pen now shrinks to single pixel width
  • All icons changed to include an alpha-channel
  • Shift-context menu key opens the content menu, not the sticky menu
  • Removed: recover dialog
  • Removed: Palm and PPC support
  • Removed: -registry, -recover, -norecover command line parameters
  • Removed: import/export store categories in Manage


  • User values (user1/2/3) are now correctly initialised for new notes
  • Bug when moving a note from Stores to Closed to Desktop fixed
  • Sending from a Stored category to the Desktop no longer decrements the count by two
  • After choosing the pen colour, the original input focus is restored
  • Paste buttons on skins can now convert a RTF note to an image note
  • New notes set to appear in the center of the screen now do so correctly
  • WM_QUERYENDSESSION messages handled
  • Fixed English text “Snooze alarm for X minutes” fixed
  • .sti file loading no longer affected by setting an incoming network style
  • On-top setting is no longer lost by using the menu to set another note not-on-top

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