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The Elder Scrolls Online Bigger and Better Than All

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The recently released Elder Scrolls Online is full of epic adventures, quests with various locations to explore, and a number of characters to meet. It has become the newest and most talked about MMORPGs to have hit the virtual world in a long time. Just like every other virtual game, it has its own gaming currency with which players can purchase as well as trade items for expanding their game play. This online trading of gaming assets makes it much lovable.

The Elder Scrolls Online Bigger and Better Than All

The Elder Scrolls Online Vs. Previous Versions 

The Elder Scrolls Online is much of a fanfare and previous games in the series are legendary.  The previous installment, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was rated as the best game in the console generation.  It was best of both offline and online gaming worlds. The finest things were customization, free exploration, story progression by a single player, and the multi-player companionship.  

The new Elder Scrolls Online is not much different from its previous versions. The customization feature of Skyrim is still present in the recent version. There may not be similar options in the single player experience but you will find many good things that you will love. New races are available, there are new body and face options, and there is lot more new in TESO.  Whilst t here are many aspects of the game that MMO players may be familiar, many will be new to all players. Here are some of the most anticipated features of the Game:

The Tribunal

As the game is set thousands years before Skyrim, you won’t see many characters from the later game to interact with. You will see immoral gods that have achieved their powers in the first era. The makers of the game said that TESO is going to revolve around a pretender, who will try to get into the Tribunal.  Hence, the player has strong chances of interaction with any of the members of Tribunal.

TESO is a big set forward, moving from a successful offline version to an online version that has made the game much more interesting.  This allows the players to carry on their journey with your friends too. You simply need to make an ESO account for having access to this adventurous game.

Dungeons And Raiding

The raids and dungeons are going to be standard but the dungeons will have typical Elder Scrolls Puzzles.  There will be public dungeons that will let the player enter a zone that’s going to host strong creatures, which will band with other players for defeating the enemies. There will be rewards set for teamwork. 


The artifacts at the elder scrolls games are going to be immensely powerful. You will find Elder Scrolls Online armor, Elder Scrolls Online Weapons and other historical gear that will be similar to the modern concepts of demons and angels.

TESO Trading Tricks 

Remember, you need TESO gold in order to purchase weapons and other bonuses. As it is online, you can interact with other players from all over the world and trade. You can even compare your ranking with other players with the leaderboard.  You can find cheap TESO gold at various sites. The trading of TESO items is also easy. You can find plenty of ESO gold and items offers on websites such as Player Auctions to do the trade. There are many communities to join and to go on the group quests. Besides, group quests can get you bigger rewards.  Stockpiling can come in handy in such situations.

There is adventure, thrill, explosion, and many other massive attacks which will keep you busy right from the start. 

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