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Getting game help in Vice City

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If you know someone who owns a Playstation, chances are that they have purchased or played one of the many Grand Theft Auto games during the time that they have owned their console.  There is an even greater chance that once they played the game, they wanted all of the ones that were released after that. GTA is one of the most popular game for the Playstation because of the many different features that it has and the fact that it has so much replay value. One of the most popular versions is Vice City.

Getting game help in Vice City

What help can I get in the game?

  • Cheat codes
    • There is one way that you can make your game easier from the moment you start, and that is by taking advantage of cheat codes that have been posted online, in forums, or even in gaming books. These codes can help you get things like unlimited health or unlimited ammunition.  These changes can make the game considerably different than it would be if you did not use the cheat codes.  
  • Tips
    • If you find yourself getting stuck in GTA Vice City, there are a few things that you can do to help yourself. If you are only having a problem with one specific area, there are tips that you can look up that will help you get past that area and on to the next part of the game. There are many people that use these tips to help them not only in this area, but to make sure that they are taking advantage of everything the game has to offer.
  • Walkthroughs
    • Walkthroughs are one of the most popular things that gamers use because they help you from start to finish. They can make sure that you are staying on the right track and hitting every single point in the game in the order it was intended to be hit. These guides are great for completionists that want to make sure they get everything out of it!

Why would I need extra help?

  • Get stuck
    • There is nothing more frustrating than enjoying a game to the fullest, and then all of a sudden getting stuck.  For many people, that means the end of the game.  There are a lot of people who abandon their games when they get stuck because they get irritated and want to find something else to do that provides more fun than stress.  If you have a guide or a tip, this can help get out of this situation and still enjoy your game!
  • Make sure you get all of the missions
    • There are so many missions in Vice City that if you don’t have some kind of help, it is likely that you will not fully complete the game!  You can make sure you have a list of all of the people you need to talk to so that all mission chains are completed!

GTA Vice City is a game that offers hours upon hours of fun, entertaining gameplay.  Though it is not a game that is intended for everyone, and parents need to check it out before allowing children to play, there are many people who love the game!  If you are looking for ways to make sure you get everything there is to offer out of Vice City, check out some tips and walkthroughs to help your game!

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