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Have You Heard Of The Run Series Yet?

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Introducing the third and latest addition to the Run gaming series. This game has all the great features of the previous two versions but with more improvements throughout it. There are plenty of different levels that you can play through and different characters to choose from.

Run Series

The game starts with a group of aliens who have found the tunnel that you will be playing in. It turns out some of aliens want to see what these tunnels are about so they decide to take a look and run through them. As you run through and complete each tunnel, you’ll find out more about the stories of this group of aliens. The storyline is designed to keep you interested and involved in the game until the end. Even though this fast-paced and fun game does not necessarily need any story to help it, it is a nice addition which many other names neglect to add.

You can play as different characters. This game is unique in that it will allow you to play with more than just one character. Even better is the fact that the characters have different skill sets. You can use different characters to be different levels. Some the characters can jump higher and farther than others. Other characters have different skill sets which you will also be able to harness in order to beat all of the levels in the game.

You can switch between characters and find out which one is the best for each level. Alternatively, you can try to be each level with different characters that are not necessarily built to beat the particular level. This is a great way to add some additional challenge to the game. The character selection that they give the players adds a lot of fun to the game. It adds to the replay value of the game and prevents it from becoming tedious or boring before it is over like so many other games do.

The controls of this game are simple. To jump, you can use the up arrow or the space bar. You will be jumping a lot in this game so it is important to figure out which key you feel most comfortable with. To slide and move around, you can use the left and right arrows. This will allow you to dodge and navigate around the different jumps throughout the tunnel.

Run 3 is a must play game if you are looking for something fast and exciting. It is so easy learned there’s no reason not to try. All you have to do is know the three controls, left, right and jump and you’re good to go. We would suggest that you give the game a try. Within 5 minutes, we think that you will be glad that you did. If not, it is easy to stop before you get too hooked. People love playing this game and it is not uncommon to hear them recommend it to their friends. Once you start playing you will understand why.

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