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Keyboard shortcuts for the Mail app in Windows 8

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My previous article has shared you How to set up the Mail app for Windows 8, this post I’ll share you list of Keyboard shortcuts for the Mail app in Windows 8. I hope these keyboard shortcuts will help you in using mail app more efficiently and save time.

Keyboard shortcuts for the Mail app in Windows 8


Ctrl+R: Reply

Ctrl+Shift+R: Reply all

Ctrl+Shift+R: Reply all

Ctrl+F: Forward

Ctrl+M: Move item to a different folder

Ctrl+J: Toggle between marking a message as junk or not junk

Ctrl+Shift+U: Show only unread messages

Ctrl+Shift+A: Show all messages

Ctrl+Shift+E: Show Folder options

Ctrl+U:  Mark as unread; Underline text (When you’re writing an

Ctrl+Q: Mark as read

Ctrl+A: Select all messages

Insert: Toggle between Flag and Remove flag for messages

Ctrl+N: New Message

F5: Sync

Alt+B: Put focus on the bcc button

Alt+C: Put focus on the cc button; Accept

Alt+D: Decline

Alt+T: Put focus on the To button; Tentative

Alt+V: Open the invitation in Calendar

Alt+S: Send mail

Ctrl+O: Opens message in a new window

Ctrl+Alt+S: Gives you an options to delete one or all messages from a particular sender

Alt+I: Insert attachment

Ctrl+Shift+F: Select a font

Ctrl+Spacebar: Clear formatting

Ctrl+Y: Redo

F4: Redo

Ctrl+[: Decrease font size one point

Ctrl+]: Increase font size one point

Ctrl+Shift+,: Decrease font size

Ctrl+Shift+.: Increase font size

Ctrl+K: Add a link

Ctrl+E: Center

Ctrl+L: Indent left

Ctrl+R: Indent right

Ctrl+Shift+L: Bullets

Ctrl+M: Indent when text is selected

Ctrl+Shift+M: Outdent

Tab or Shift+Tab: Indent/outdent when text is selected or when focus is in a list

Shift+Tab: When focus is not in a list, cycle through tabs in reverse order.

Ctrl+’: Acute accent

Ctrl+,: Cedilla accent

Ctrl+Shift+6: Circumflex accent

Ctrl+Shift+;: Diaeresis accent

Ctrl+`: Grave accent

Ctrl+Shift+7: Ligature accent

Ctrl+Shift+2: Ring accent

Ctrl+/: Slash accent

Ctrl+Shift+`: Tilde accent

Alt+Ctrl+Shift+1: Inverted exclamation mark

Alt+Ctrl+Shift+/: Inverted question mark

Ctrl+Shift+S: Sweep

Ctrl+E: Search

Ctrl + Z: Undo

Ctrl + B: Bold

Ctrl + I: Italicize

Ctrl + U: Underline

Ctrl + C: Copy

Ctrl + V: Paste

Ctrl + S: Save draft

F6: When writing an email, shifts focus to the send button.

Source: Microsoft

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