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What Lies Ahead for Search Engine Optimization in 2014

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The role of SEO will remain important in 2014 for businesses, who want to increase their incoming traffic. Here are some of the more important trends that companies should be aware of in the coming year.

What Lies Ahead for Search Engine Optimization in 2014

Genuine links are rewarded  

Link building is still a very important SEO strategy, but the stakes have been quite a bit. Google’s latest Panda updates to its search engine algorithms penalize websites that have links on content and link farms. Article directories are no longer a good way to build links and improve rankings because they contain duplicate and low quality content. 

In order for business websites to rise in rankings on Google, links need to: 

Be present on a wide variety of trusted websites

Be generated organically and not as part of link wheels and triangles

Have a clear URL with intelligible keywords

Google has advanced its algorithms to detect spam rings and link farms. You want your links to be of very high quality. Deep linking as always is more valuable than simply links to your home page. 

Original content trumps all others  

Article directories, web directories, link farms and bookmarking websites have dominated SEO for the last 10-12 years. However, Google considers them a negative indicator of the quality of your website and business. Content for business websites and blog posts that are original are given greater precedence by Google today. 

Here are a few strategies to ensure that your content generates interest among customers and drives more traffic to your website: 

Post genuinely interesting content that is unique to your business

Use catchy titles (link bait is accept as a legitimate SEO strategy by Google)

Make better use of images and videos as they can be shared more easily than text posts

Create diverse content and make it interactive. Quizzes are a great example of this

Mobile design will be more important  

More people access websites from their tablets and smartphones today. Search engines want websites to make their designs mobile friendly. This is even a big factor in rankings. If two equally good websites that deserve the same ranking, the one with a mobile website will get a higher ranking, simply because it is more accessible to readers. 

If your business does not have a mobile website, this is the best time to create one. You can use responsive web design to make sure your site works well across multiple devices including tablets, smartphones and desktops. 

Sites become more social  

While social media has been a craze in the last 2 years, 2014 will see companies getting smarter about Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Everything you create on your website should be sharable on major social networks, so you get access to a greater audience. Social media management companies will become even more important for businesses than they were last year. 


In 2014, SEO will become more about strategy and it will be less technical. We are reaching a point where you do not need to be a wizard to figure out how to drive traffic to your website. Analytics tools are far simpler, but much more powerful today and they will help businesses increase their revenue through smartly managed search engine optimization.You could also do a bit of surfing online to learn about where to buy FaceBook likes. 

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