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How to Restore Corrupt Exchange Backup Database Using Exchange BKF Repair

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In order to ensure an effective and smooth communication within and outside an organization, most of the organizations look for a trusted and reliable application. There are many client server applications that can provide basic functionalities like emails, contacts, calendars, messages, etc. However, when it comes to security, not all of them prove to be worthy. MS Exchange Server is an application from Microsoft, which provides all the basic functionalities in a secured fashion. They contain all the users’ mailboxes in an EDB file format. However, there are situations, which create a need for backing up the important data on the server. 

Consider a scenario where an admin working on the MS Exchange Server experience some problems with the server. Let us say that the server crashes. Such a situation proves to be very tricky for the admin as it could even lead to severe data loss. However, there are several other similar situations faced by an admin on a daily basis. In such circumstances, backup files help in recovering any lost or damaged data from MS Exchange. That is why it is always recommended to have a backup copy of all the Exchange data every time.

A backup file is a consolidated file containing all the backed up data. In short, a backup file is also referred as BKF file. Such a BKF or backup file can be easily used to restore corrupted or lost data at any point of time. However, the data must be restored from the updated backup file. The backup process can be performed either manually or through some utility. There are various utilities like NT-Backup or Symantec Backup Exec (VERITAS), which can be used to create backup files. 

NT-Backup is a Windows based utility, which can be used for creating backup of the Exchange Server database files. The utility uses the BKF file format to backup the data, which can be later used to get back the damaged or corrupted data. However, the backup file should be updated on a timely basis to ensure full data access. With this utility, you can create backup files of different Exchange Server files including EDB, STM, and LOG files.

Normal Windows Backup Vs Exchange Backup 

There is a difference in the backup files of Windows and the Exchange backup files. The backup file of MS Exchange includes data from different file formats. The BKF file created by the NTBackup utility is a collection of all the information present in EDB, STM, and Log files as mentioned below.

MS Exchange

BKF file = Exchange Database File (EDB) containing Exchange information in and priv.edb files.

+ Exchange Streaming Media File (STM) containing all the media files.

+ Log Files containing all the entries of various operations performed in the Exchange.

Various Reasons for Exchange BKF Corruption

Usually backup files are created to overcome the situation of Exchange database corruption. However, the backup file of MS Exchange is also prone to various issues including file corruption. There could be many reasons for backup file corruption as well. Some of the most common reasons for corruption are mentioned below.

  • Unexpected Hardware or Software Failure: A hardware or software could malfunction due to several reasons. It mainly happens due to the incompatibility of the hardware or software with the device, which can lead to backup file corruption. 
  • Crashing of the Hard Drive: A hard disk could crash due to an excessive number of bad sectors. This often results in inaccessibility of the data including the backup file.
  • Virus Attacks: A virus has the capability to modify the infected data. The backup file always stands a risk to be modified when a virus infects a system. 
  • Cyclic Redundancy Check Errors: Any issue in the backup file can give a Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) error. The error usually appears while restoring the data from a backup file.
  • Inconsistent Backup Process: A backup process copies all the data to be backed up in a BKF file. In hindrance or interference in the process can damage the BKF file. 
  • Lost Catalog File: A backup also contains a catalog file, which stores all the information related to the backed up data. Any lost or missing catalog file would not allow you to restore your data.
  • Unusual System Shutdown: An improper system shutdown could damage the hard disk and other data present on it including your backup (BKF) file.
  • Unexpected Power Failures: Sudden power failure could also lead to system shutdown, which can make your backup file corrupt.

The above-mentioned reasons are the most common ones for backup file corruption. Such corruption scenarios are often supported by some error messages. For example, you might receive the following error message while restoring the data from a backup file.

“The file cannot be opened or data cannot be restored”

However, to overcome the entire above-mentioned situation and to ensure complete data recovery from the backup file, you need to Repair Exchange BKF file through an efficient BKF recovery tool. 

Note: You should avoid any manual technique to repair corrupt BKF files.

The Best Tool to Repair Exchange BKF File

Stellar Phoenix Exchange BKF Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Exchange BKF Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Exchange BKF Recovery is a professional tool to recover Exchange data from corrupted BKF file. It performs a complete BKF recovery and restores back the inaccessible EDB, STM, and LOG files present in the backup file. In addition, it supports recovery of compressed BKF files created from any backup utility including the NT-Backup and the Symantec (VERITAS) Backup Exec.

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