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Two Ways an Image Can Boost Your Social Media Marketing

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Social media is one of today’s most powerful online advertising tools. This is because a huge bulk of Internet users is engaged in at least one of these sites – Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. A lot of businessmen have already engaged in these sites to promote their products and services.

Moreover, we are living in what can be termed as digital era. People today are greatly exposed to digital technology where everything can be achieved instantaneously. This can be reflected in the use of digital cameras, smartphones, and computers. As a result, people now are more visually stimulated than those in past decades.

Boost Social Media Marketing

The connection

The popularity of social media as well as the ever growing use of gadgets like smartphones and digital cameras is very important to note if you are planning your advertising campaign for your business. That is because these are all connected by one very potent advertising tool – images. Great pictures have always been a very useful advertising tool and this is much more emphasized today.

Be aware that consumers today will no longer be attracted with lengthy ads the way people are stimulated with it before. In Twitter, messages are limited to only 140 characters. This shows that people are no longer interested in reading long messages. Therefore, the best tool to use is images.

The question now is how you would make a picture that can take all the responsibility of spreading your message. The answer to this is graphic design. There are professionals engaged in graphic design in Glasgow who can easily provide assistance for you in this issue. These people are well experienced given the fact that Glasgow is a city known for its business tradition. Once the image is available, you can now push through with your social media advertising campaign.

Here are two ways a great image can help your campaign: 

1. Brand promotion

A great image is usually associated with good brand. This greatly helps in building trust, especially if the image conveys clearly the message you wish to impart. On top of that, a good image can greatly attract potential customer.

The good thing about this is that, even if he will not purchase your product or avail of your services, he may respond by “sharing” imageg to his friends who are also social media users. Putting a link in the image that would redirect users to your website can pave way to potential growth of clients and customers.

2. Hooks website visitors

The image more often than not holds site visitors and greatly helps in encouraging them to explore your site and even buy what you have to offer. That is why it should be large enough to accommodate the entire message you need to share or impart. However, a good image need not be exaggerated. This is a common mistake done by site owners. They put up too large images and as a result, people are turned off and leave the site even before the image finishes loading up. 

Consulting with professionals in the field of graphic design in Glasgow can greatly help when deciding about the images to use for your social media advertisements. This activity may prove to be beyond you so an expert on your side can be a good resource. Nearly every company throughout the world is looking to make a superior website in these days.

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Simon Hopes is a guest blogger who writes on latest trends of web designing. He also provides graphic design in Glasgow as a renowned Web Designer.

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