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5 Best WordPress plugins for ecommerce sites

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WordPress is a blogging content management system, and even though they have made a lot of changes to make it more website and eCommerce friendly, they are still running a blogging content management system with WordPress. That is why if you want to run an eCommerce site then you are going to need some plugins. Any one of the plugins listed below will help you make money via your website.

eCommerce Plugin

1 – WooCommerce

This is a very popular eCommerce plugin. It has a lot themes that you can choose from and a lot of extensions which the company themselves call plugins. It is not cheap, but they have inflated their prices because their themes are of a slightly higher quality. There are plenty of third party extensions you can use, which means your design (Read more: Ecommerce is in the Design) and website building may remain as flexible as the market allows. You can control things such as shipping directly from your website, and you can download and start using WooCommerce for free.

You can start coupon codes and control your sales reports too. They do help you with marketing, but the best part is probably how the themes do not make the website look as if it was built with a content management system. In that sense, it is actually a little harder than usual to make a crummy looking site.

2 – Cart66 

There is a free version you can use that has a very basic eCommerce setup, or you can use the fully featured premium version. It allows you to control your stock display, sales, taxes, shipping, and has lots of reports that you can customize and find out how well you are doing. The free version allows you to start small and then upgrade later when your eCommerce store starts making more money. 

3 – WP e-Commerce

You can get this plugin for free, but it is going to cost you money to use because most people want the upgrades and extra features that they charge for. It is possible to create an eCommerce website with the WordPress content management system, but this plugin has made it easier. It has also made it so you can have a more professional looking, feeling and working eCommerce site. For example, it is easy enough to install a shopping cart.

Payment systems such as PayPal will give you the code so you can install it yourself, but with this plugin you can have things such as coupon codes, shipping calculations, and numerous upgrades that turn your so-so simple shop into something that looks well financed. The fact you are not forced to pay at the very beginning means that you are not loaded with features you do not need.

You can pick and choose what to add to your website because there is a good chance you are not going to need all the features on offer. You also get a sales overview, which means you will not need to do as much manual work when figuring out how well your eCommerce is doing.

4 – Jigoshop

This is an eCommerce plugin for people that have an eCommerce website with WordPress. It gives you a lot of themes you can access and further extensions so you can extend what you do with your eCommerce website. It has its own widgets and short codes and they have a good support system that helps you out with those little problems that occur from time to time.

Most of their support use is from people that are trying to figure out how to add more things to their website or do more with their website. The code for the plugin is very lightweight and was built for WordPress, which means it has great functionality. You can see detailed stock reports and order reports that it presents to you via graphs, visualizations and your dashboard. You can also use third party extensions too, which is handy because it makes your website more flexible.

5 – Easy Digital Downloads

This is a fantastic plugin that you can use on your website and it allows you to sell digital downloads. There is a lot of fuss made over kindle books because people are able to sell them online very easily. People do buy e-books via websites but it is less common because there are a lot of con artists out there that are selling terrible books and users have no comeback.

If you can find a way to get people to trust your digital downloads, then you will be able to make sales very easily on your website and you won’t even need any stock. Your input after the fact will be minimal. You put up your file, you get people to pay and download it. There is nothing more to it and all you have to do is sit back and watch the money roll in.

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