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7 Influential Author Bio Box WordPress Plug-ins for Your Blog Post

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Using “Author box” has become important in today’s blogging and the internet world. Writers are quite interested to know about the writer’s name, profession and from which organization, he is associated with. Even, visitors are likely to know the name, who own this blog and they also want to remember the face behind the project. Due to the interesting trends, there are numerous premium themes coming with built-in author box. If you are still not using any author box in your theme, then it’s time to consider it and install one of the best author box WordPress plug-ins. Here, we have a collection of 7 best plug-ins and hopefully, you will like this post. Before going to start about WordPress plug-ins, you should know that what structure or format a good author box always follows:

  • All popular social media links
  • A short author’s bio
  • Few links to the author’s post 
  • A small author’s picture   

You should head over on our 7 author WordPress plug-ins, let’s take a look at list:

Fancier Author Box WordPress Plug-in

author box WordPress plug-ins-Fancier Author Box

This is popular one author box plug-in for blogs. It has everything to complete the specific demand of visitors as well as the requirement of a good author box. The use of it is very simple and clean, it is powered by two tabs. First tab comprises author’s picture, including links to social networking sites and author’s bio. The second tab points to the recent written post of the same author. This author plug-in is something unique than others and this is the reason that it demonstrates your authority. 

Better Author Bio WordPress Plug-in

author box WordPress plug-ins-Better Author Bio

Better author bio is another best plug-ins for WordPress, which is clean, simple to use and requires less loading time. Its simple and attractive design contains all the marvelous features that a good author bio box must have. The author bio is automatically added in every post and you can choose the place own,where you want to display it. Add links of social media profiles in author bio automatically, otherwise do it manually with short-code [author_bio]. Now, this custom looking plug-in is coming with every premium theme. 

Social Author Bio WordPress Plug-in

author box WordPress plug-ins-Social Author Bio

This plug-in is the best option for the social media’s active authors. It allows to add an author bio box along with custom social icons and Gravatar on posts or pages. Today’s built-in with Google Author. You can even create links with all the possible social networks through its attractive design. All people want to connect those authors, who have an impressive and unique design along with a vast number of social media profile links. The latest version 2.4 is fully integrated with Google+ authorship and have 5 to 10 additional custom links, new short-code, allows to adjust avatar, complete control over HTML & CSS, and choice to select the appropriate author bio box.

Author Box Reloaded WordPress Plug-in

author box WordPress plug-ins -Author Box Reloaded

This author bio plug-in allows authors to define the links to the external sites such as Drupal association, WordPress.Org, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more. It also allows to have a thumbnail size image with clean design and pretty social media icons. These icons can be adjusted on the lower right in a very less time of loading. You can take a reference from the external websites of how to make your own. To target more audiences with the help of profile exposure, this is one of the good solutions.  

DT Author Bio Box WordPress Plug-in

author box WordPress plug-ins-DT Author Box

DT author bio box plug-in easily adds an author signature with custom profile image as well as the buttons of social profile at the end of every author’s post. This is thegreat option fort those, who have multiple authors and desire to showcase every author information, like signature on single WordPress site. It contains a short bio, image, links to the author’s social profiles and his website. There are some upcoming features of changing color of text, links, author box background and border. This plug-in also supports multiple languages apart from English, like French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Indonesian, and Spanish. 

WP Biographia Author Bio Box WordPress Plug-in

author box WordPress plug-ins WP Biographia

It facilitates feature to write a long description for author and enables visitors to learn everything about the author from a clean design.

Custom Author Bio Box WordPress Plug-in

author box WordPress plug-ins-Custom About Author

This is one of the popular plug-ins with big social profile icons, which lets you do HTML editing and consumes very less loading time. 


These are the 7 best author bio box plug-ins for WordPress that we have shared here. Tell us about this post and which feature you like most. If you like it, then share with your friends.

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