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Add Mobile Reservations to Your Business for More Customers

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A reservation-based business can be anything from travel planning to hotels and restaurants. If you also own a business, which uses active reservation system, you are most likely to be benefited with mobile reservations. These are the apps, which not only help your customer to make booking with their phone, but also help you to keep a record of how many customers you have gained.

Mobile reservation apps

There are certainly a lot of benefits of getting a personalized reservation app developed for your business. Let us look at few of them.

Convenient and easy to use apps increases your reputation

Mobile reservation apps help in gaining more customers, as they are easy to use. For instance, if given a choice between calling a stranger and booking online, more than 80% people will choose online system. The reasons are obvious:

  • Talking to strangers is awkward
  • Searching the number and calling them is often irritating for customers
  • Often the numbers are engaged and your customers have to be either on hold or on waiting, which is certainly frustrating
  • Moreover, your customer needs to be in a quiet place to make calls and book reservations
  • There are only few people, who can go to the calendar app while talking on the phone

All these things make calling a rather cumbersome or difficult task than booking online. As with online booking:

  • They can make a booking from any place any time
  • They are never on hold as there is no traffic problem online
  • They need not talk to any stranger, as all the required information will be displayed on your app
  • Moreover, the calendar will be displayed on your app itself so no tension of moving from one app to other

Easy payment methods help your business grow

Your customers need to visit you personally or have to transfer money to your account via 3rd party transactions to finalize a booking. However, if your business has a mobile reservation app, you can integrate different payment options in the app itself. The most popular among which are PayPal, SaveUmoney, Netbanking etc.

All these portals are managed by SSL and are thus safe for transactions. With this, your customers can easily pay the amount with ease. The amount directly goes to your account, which is pre-saved in the app (no chances of wrong account transactions).

Increased channels for booking means increased customers

Although you are giving your customers, a new channel for making request, but those who want to stick to the old version can enjoy the facility of calls as well. Increased online bookings will eventually mean fewer calls that will not keep any of your telephonic customers on hold.

Clean app attracts more customers

Unlike the desktop version of your website where everything can be easily given in detail, on mobile reservation app everything appears clean. All your detailed information can be stored somewhere else whose link can be given in the app. When the customers select “click here for details”, they will be prompted to a new link, which has the details of your business and its terms and conditions.


With so many benefits, mobile reservation is definitely a great solution for grabbing more customers without losing the present ones.

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