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The Best VoIP Systems in the Market

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There used to be only a few VoIP suppliers in the market. As the popularity of VoIP systems soared, we saw their numbers increase. Skype was arguably the best and most popular VoIP system several years ago used by many businesses Now, here are the best ones in the market.

Phone Power

This company’s VoIP service has more than 45 calling features. They include basic features such as voicemail, speed dial and caller ID. Advanced features include call transfer, call return and directory assistance. It has e911 or Enhanced 911. This feature automatically sends your name and address to the 911 dispatcher.

Find Me is another excellent feature that forwards an incoming phone call to several phones if the previous line is not answered. The conference feature allows you to talk to three callers on a single call.

If you are new to VoIP, Phone Power is good for you because it is easy to install and easy to use. You can go online to look for directions on every aspect of the service. You will be able to see literature on router installation and other important things to begin making calls. The instructions are pretty easy to understand and they also come with illustrations. The website is also user-friendly and features an online account management. You will be able to track your minutes, manage other accounts and purchase more services online.

Customer Service

Customer service is a very important aspect of a business telephone system that should not be overlooked. Power Phone has a very comprehensive customer support program. You can contact them over the phone, by email or even chat live with a support staff on their website.

Aside from the help online mentioned above, they also have a detailed FAQ page and a knowledge base wherein you can search for specific topics or keywords.

The only downside of this provider is its expensive cancellation fee. Other than that, it is an excellent provider that gives clients flexible service plans combined with rich phone features. The plans are great for home or office use of any size.  Phone Power is easy to use, affordable, flexible and powerful.


ITP caters to home owners and small business owners in need of multiple lines. They offer a basic residential plan and an unlimited office plan. You are not required to have an annual contract and you have the option to keep your existing number.

If you have an Android or Apple device, you can make VoIP calls on your device with ITP’s mobile apps. Offices can opt to include a virtual fax line and number and softphones to their plan.

The Best VoIP Systems in the Market

Features come with the standard 26 and includes voicemail, 3-way calling, caller ID and directory assist. It also features on-hold music and you can assign a ring tone to different people in your phone book.

Like the previous phone, ITP is also simple to use. A detailed instruction is available and you only need a few steps to make your system fully functional.

Customer Support

FAQ’s and user guides help you set the system up and teach you how to operate it. One-on-one support is also available over the phone or you can also fill up the form found on their website. They also have an extensive library of resources so it is recommended that you browse it before contacting them. Your inquiries will be answered within 24 hours.

ITP charges a set up fee while other companies don’t. Other than that one negative charge, they deliver excellent service and value for money.

Ring Central Professional

This company’s plans are also competitively priced. Each includes free in-network calls and long distance call minutes. You can keep your existing number if you choose to. They charge no set up fees. You have a monthly option and the company does not charge you if you choose to cancel.

The highlight of this company is its versatility. You can use any of your mobile devices as a VoIP phone through an app. You can use your tablet or smartphone. You can now send and receive calls even while you are on the road.

You can also add a toll-free number, sign up for a softphone or assign a virtual phone number to any of your computers.

It has all the basic features as listed above with the other two companies. You can also choose how your name appears on your recipient’s caller ID and create customized greetings for callers and VIP’s. Advanced features include auto-receptionist, call forwarding and call logs. It does not have any 411 (directory assistance) support though.

Setting up the system itself is simple but setting up an online account is another story. It has a lot of unclear steps and a novice might have a problem with it. If you survive that, you will find that the online management tool is easy to navigate. You can track your minutes, view call records, play voicemails and access your billing information.

Customer Support

Ring Central also has great customer support. You can visit the website to browse the FAQ’s page, view tutorials and read user guides. They also have a searchable knowledge base where you can just type in a keyword and read about several resources related to it. You can also contact the company via phone, email or the online contact form. You will get a response in less than a day.

Whether you are an on-the-go businessman or a heavy home user, Ring Central Professional has something for you. The only downside is that they don’t have selected free international calling like the other two companies mentioned above. If your work focuses mainly on domestic calls then Ring Central is also an excellent choice.

These are the best ones in the market today.  If you are looking  to see what VOIP service is compatible with your business phone system might find it easier to use a telephone system comparison site. These will be able to advise you and find the best deals in your area, as well as give a guide to the best VOIP service to match your system. Here we could only cover a few but there are others out there that provide excellent service as well as great phone features so be sure to check them out before buying. 

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