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BKF Recovery Software to Restore Windows XP Backup Files Quickly!

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BKF Recovery software is an advance software program from a renowned brand and comes with many important and useful facilities associated with the tool. Technology used is high-tech and this can be judged by the interface and proper working of each and every feature and options available. There are many aspects which make the software desirable and a useful technology to restore Windows XP backup files.

Technical Details for BKF Recovery:

Software Product Name:  BKF Recovery Software
Latest Version Available: 5.7
Size: 2.6 MB
Language: English
OS Supported: Windows 8.1 and all below versions
Processor: 1 GHZ required (2.4 GHz is recommended)
RAM: 512 MB required (1 GB is Recommended)
HDD: Free space of minimum 5 MB
Product Price: $89 
Product Details:

Mechanism To Be Followed:

  • As soon as you open the BKF Recovery software, a Window will open which will appear like below picture. This will show an interface with various options like; Actions, Help, Menu options like Scan File, Visit Website, Exit, etc. You see “Scan File” option at the left most of Menu.

Recovery Software screenshot

  • Once you click on Scan File option window will pop-up where you will have to provide the location of your BKF file. Select Browse option and provide the path of backup file.

It will also show you three scanning modes; Quick, Deep and Range Based. Each of the modes has their own importance and has to be chosen as per the requirement of BKF file.

Quick Scan: This can be chosen for a quick scanning of BKF file. It is recommended for minor corruption.

Deep Scan: This scans the file thoroughly bit by bit. And you can choose this option for major corruption.

Range-based Scan: This scans your file portion-wise by giving the percentage wise part to be scanned. For e.g. if you want to scan only first 50 percent file then provide range as “From: 0 To: 50”.

Choose the mode and hit Scan option.

Note: I would recommend using Deep Scan directly as it is not possible to estimate the corruption level at your own if you are not familiar to the various responses BKF gives after different type of corruption cases. This will help you to restore Windows XP backup files even if it is severely corrupted.

Recovery Software quick scan

  • A detailed scanning report is generated which shows the details like; size of file, status of scanning, directories found, etc.

Recovery Software complete scan

  • As the Windows backup file is scanned it will be loaded by the software tool and all the data inside the backup file will be displayed. The best part is all the files will be shown with its name and format. For e.g. text file is saved as .txt file and so on. You can also select the files which are important for you.

Recovery Software select file

  • Once you made the selection of important files, you can either right-click and Extract the files. Or hit Extract option provided in Menu.

Recovery Software extract files

  • Another pop-up window opens up indicating that you have to provide a location where the files are going to be extracted. There are two options provided as Extract at Original and Extract at Selected location choose the option as per your choice and then hit Extract to restore Windows XP backup files.

In case you choose the second option you will have to go to Browse option and provide the desired location where the extracted files will be saved.

Recovery Software extract options

  • As soon as the extraction if the files is done, a small message is displayed that the files have been extracted successfully and they will be automatically saved in the provided location.

Overall Performance of BKF Recovery

Steps for the restore operation is easy to handle requires very less efforts. The most important fact about software is it is capable to restore BKF file in Windows 8 and 7 which actually do not support BKF file. Corruption is another fact which is tackled by the BKF Recovery software to restore Windows XP backup files. Overall speed is enough for normal backup recovery strategized for average sized backup file. However size can affect the speed for recovery.

I would rate this software for its own performance and the added services the company provides you as 8.8/10.

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