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Blackberry’s increasing attention towards Nigeria’s market

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Blackberry’s market flies to Nigeria. Its new model Z3 offers better features than the old Blackberry Z10 at more reasonable prices. From its modern design with a 5” touch display to its customized HUB that allows you to prioritize your messages and emails, this revolutionary smartphone seems to be a perfect fit for any type of costumer.

Blackberry Z3

After a severe crisis in September 2013, Blackberry seems to finally make its way back up and it chose to do so through the Nigeria’s smartphone market. One of Blackberry’s territory director, Charles Asinugo, confirmed Nigerian market to be of high importance for his company and stated also, that the company is trying to strategize its market in Nigeria hoping that its revenues will raise again. 

Consumers looking to buy a new (or even used) smartphone want always to have the best quality-price product. Many websites are already selling smarthphones at very competitive prices. And then there is also the possibility to find a Blackberry for sale online on platforms with classified ads posted by Nigerians selling not only used but also brand new Blackberry phones for reasonable prices. 

Blackberry is most often used by businessmen who cannot afford to waste their money and time with smartphones that do not perform in exceptional ways. This guarantees the best reliability even for users who have never entered the Blackberry’s world but have long wished to do so. Another particular feature that the Blackberry has is its qwerty keyboard that allows you to type in a more accurate way and have that computer feel that you would not get with a regular smartphone.

The Z3 will enter the market at the price of N39,000 ($234) which seems pretty affordable compared to a similar BB10 powered device. The new Z3 introduces new and safe platforms for costumers to communicate in a fast and reliable way and has really interesting features. Its BBM for example offers a Natural Sound feature that allows the two people having a phone conversation to sound like they are in the same place.

The Z3’s extended battery life allows costumers to complete their daily agenda without having to worry about charging their phone. It is also equipped with BlackBerry 10 OS version 10.2.1 and it is Android app compatible.

 If you are thinking about purchasing this new smartphone in official stores, July is the best month for doing so. In fact, Mr. Asinugo announces that whoever buys the new Z3 during the month of July will receive several paid apps for free for an overall value of N8,000.

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