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How to Earn an Income Online with Beta Testing?

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There are many ways in which you can earn an income online. If you are interested in video games and want to earn an income online, it is easy to do so. By testing the video games before the makers put them on the store, you can earn some money. A close attention to the specific details and proper focus is needed to do this job the right way possible.

Beta Testing

Search for Gamers

There are many beta testing companies like One Step Now and Sky Kasper that hire gamers for testing the video games. The company sends a game copy to the gamers and a form to fill up the results, while they do the testing. There are some companies that require the gamers to fill the forms directly online. The games also need to download the software, do the IM and also some minor trouble shooting maneuvers, while they are testing. What the gamers are required to do is to identify any fault in the product and report them, so the company will be able to correct them and optimize. As a result they are user ready, when they go to the stores.

How much does a game tester earn?

The platforms used for beta game testing include Xbox, Wii, Play Station, and PC. If you are just starting out as a beta tester, you can earn around $7 to $10 per hour. These beta testing jobs pay more to experienced testers. When you are well versed in the testing, you can earn income easily, while you enjoy playing the games at home for over as long as 6 hours per day.

Professional Game Testers

The video game testers are also called as inspectors of quality control. The main job they are required to do includes the following.

  • Checking out whether the product meets with the standards stipulated
  • Trying the product to identify any errors or faults present like broken apps, program errors or visual functions that do not work
  • Writing reports on the problems identified and about the programming bugs, so the makers can fix the faults before it goes to stores

The testers are often required to play a game or sections of the game several times before they can verify it thoroughly.

How testers are hired?

There are sites that let gamers register for free. Gamers who are looking to earn some money just with their gaming knowledge, they can look into these sites and find job openings. Many gaming companies post the jobs here from which the beta testers can pick their options.

What beta testers do to get hired?

For becoming a tester, you need to know about the agreement terms of the company thoroughly and accept them. There is also a registration form to fill in, so your requirements are tested and approved. There are also instructions regarding the download of the software and how to report the results which are sent via email notification.

To do the job well and earn a considerable income out of it, you need to be passionate and keep yourself updated on the current trends in gaming. There are several blogs and magazines about gaming that you can read to keep updated and hone your skills.

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Jeff Carter explains the role of game testers who examine the quality of games before they hit the market. He also discusses about the wider scope of beta testing jobs if you happen to plan your career in that direction.

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