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Free 4 for Dummies Ebooks

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This article shares you 4 for Dummies ebooks:

#1. Simplifying IT Security for Dummies

for Dummies Ebooks Simplifying IT Security for Dummies

The intended audience for this book is small to medium- sized businesses, which you will see shortened throughout as SMBs. This book shows that investing in security doesn’t have to be a particularly expensive or time-consuming busi- ness for an SMB. In fact, you’re probably already taking many of the necessary security measures; you just need to make sure your various tools and protections are working together. Investment in security doesn’t have to be particularly onerous or expensive; in fact, it’s getting easier and cheaper.

You read every day about the cyber criminals out to get everyone. Increasingly their focus isn’t just big business, but smaller companies, too. Chances are, SMBs don’t have such strong defenses, and can’t afford the top consultants to help tighten them up. But SMBs rely on technology, too — take out their web server or steal their data and they’re in a lot of trouble. The good news is that it’s getting easier to monitor and manage security. Plus, the integrated technical controls that vendors offer are getting more sophisticated and more rounded, and different options are emerging to make it more affordable for companies of all sizes.

This book was written for and with Trend Micro, with information supplied by them.

Get the ebook: Simplifying IT Security for Dummies

#2. Windows 8 for Dummies

for Dummies Ebooks Windows 8 for Dummies

This Pocket Edition isn’t intended to make you a whiz at Windows; instead, it dishes out chunks of useful computing information when you need them. You don’t have to become a Windows 8 expert, you just need to know enough to get by quickly, cleanly, and with a minimum of pain so that you can move on to the more pleasant things in life.

Best of all, you can get what you need out of this book whether you’re working on a touchscreen, laptop, or desktop computer.

Treat this book like you would a dictionary or other reference text. Turn to the page with the information you need and say, “Ah, so that’s what they’re talking about.” Then put down the book and move on.

Instead of fancy computer jargon, this book covers the topics you’re looking for in plain English. You don’t have to memorize anything. Just turn to the appropriate page, read the brief explanation, and get back to work. Unlike other books, this one enables you to bypass the technical hoopla and still get your work done.

Get the ebook: Windows 8 for Dummies

#3. eCommerce for Dummies

for Dummies Ebooks eCommerce for Dummies

Congratulations! You’re about to seize the golden opportunity to create your very own online store. This is your chance to be your own boss, acting as the CEO, CFO, creative director, marketing department, and customer service desk all rolled into one.

You’re probably eager to get started but may not be sure what to do first. Never fear, Ecommerce For Dummies, Volusion Special Edition, is here to help.

Ecommerce For Dummies, Volusion Special Edition, takes you through the steps of preparing your online store for its grand opening. Experts in online retailing walk you through the process of building and managing a successful ecommerce business — from finding and choosing products to designing your store, creating first-rate product listings, accepting online payments, and marketing your store to the world. Expert tips explain how to perform the most common tasks faster, better, and/or cheaper, and warnings steer you clear of the most common and costly pitfalls.

Get the ebook: eCommerce for Dummies

#4. A Little Bit of Everything

for Dummies Ebooks A Little Bit of Everything

This ebook included 5 parts:

Part I: Dummies Classics, offers four chapters from some of our best-loved books. There’s a chapter from DOS For Dummies, the book that started it all, and chapters from two of our best-sellers: Windows 7 For Dummies and Sex For Dummies. And just for a bit of spice, we’ve included a chapter from French For Dummies.

Part II: Daily Dose of Dummies, offers the kind of lifestyle, self-help, and business skills that our readers have come to treasure. There’s one of our famous Part of Tens chapters from Cognititive Behavioural Therapy for Dummies and a chapter from Meditation For Dummies to help you get your center. Chapters from Leadership For Dummies and Marketing For Dummies help you develop new skills for the marketplace.

Part III: Fun with Dummies, celebrates life and all it has to offer. We’ve got chapters here from The Royal Wedding For Dummies, Guitar For Dummies, Digital Photography SLR All-in-One For Dummies, Puppies for Dummies, Knitting For Dummies, and Wine For Dummies.

Part IV: Get Social, highlights how we help you grow and develop new skills. Chapters here come from Facebook For Dummies, Social Media Marketing For Dummies, and Dating For Dummies.

Part V: Going Global, shares the worldwide appeal of the For Dummies series. These chapters from British History For Dummies, Canadian History For Dummies, and Rugby Union For Dummies were created by our global colleagues and authors and show how the For Dummies approach applies not only to whatever the subject is at hand, but also wherever the discussion is taking place.

Get the ebook: A Little Bit of Everything

Enjoy with the for Dummies ebooks!

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