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Free 7 iPad apps from Yamaha Corporation

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Today the iTunes App Store offers free 7 iPad apps of Yamaha for iPad or iPhone, please check the list below:

Multi Editor Essential for iPad – Song and pattern mixer ($4)

Multi Editor Essential is a CoreMIDI application which gives you all the tools you need to mix Songs and Patterns from your Yamaha synthesizer on iPad. With this iPad app, you can control volume, pan, chorus send and reverb send for each part as well as detailed editing of the Mix Effects and the Master EQ.

Performance Editor Essential for iPad – Yamaha synthesizer performance editor ($4)

ipad appPerformance Editor Essential is a Core MIDI application that enables you to edit the performances of a Yamaha synthesizer from an iPad. This app allows you to configure the MEQ and effects, which are used often in editing, in addition to arpeggiator settings, voice combinations, and each voice’s key range. It also has an XY pad for controlling parameters in real time. And you can also control the tap tempo and volume. 

Voice Editor Essential for iPad – Yamaha synthesizer effect editor ($4)

Voice Editor Essential is a simple CoreMIDI iPad editor application for editing the effects in Yamaha Synthesizers. The iPad app focuses on detailed editing of Insert Effects, System Effects and EQ that are frequently modified and can take advantage of the iPad’s large graphic display.

Set List Organizer for iPad – Music sequencer ($4)

Set List Organizer can be used to edit and display the set list for a live performance. It’s a must-have application for any musician. This is a Core MIDI application that can send MIDI Program Change messages for each song in a live performance from an iPad to a synthesizer or other device. With Set List Organizer, you can use Set List Organizer to write detailed notes for each song.

Faders & XY Pad for iPad – Effect/sound fader ($4)

Yamaha “Faders & XY Pad” is a CoreMIDI application that controls external MIDI devices by sending MIDI Control Change messages from the iPad. It offers truly unique new ways for tweaking and controlling any MIDI compatible product.

Cloud Audio Recorder for MOTIF XF for iPhone and iPad – Record MOTIF XF sound via WiFi ($2)

Cloud Audio Recorder for MOTIF XF is a premium iPad app that allows you to record MOTIF XF sound via Wi-Fi, share your MOTIF sound on SoundCloud, copy & paste your sound to another iOS apps.

Cloud Audio Recorder for iPhone and iPad – Create tracks w/ your device’s built-in mic ($2)

Cloud Audio Recorder is an iPad app which allows you to record the sound of musical instruments to your iOS devices via the built-in microphone.

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