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[Freeware] DriverMax – Effortless Update, Download and Backup of Windows Drivers

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DriverMax is a popular free driver update utility helps users download, backup and reinstall their Windows XP/Vista/7/8 drivers!


Innovative Solutions is pleased to announce the release of a new free version of its device driver update utility DriverMax. In every computer, each device requires a dedicated piece of software to operate properly. Though small, these drivers are essential for a working system. Without a timely driver update, one can lose access to devices like webcams, printers and external USB hubs, to name only a few.

Updating drivers can be complex and frustrating. This process is often particularly difficult for people with limited computer experience, as it requires combing the Internet for rare drivers or wrangling unwieldy piles of installation disks. With DriverMax driver installation is a speedy process that doesn’t require navigating an installation wizard.

After using computers for any length of time, most users experience the frustration of missing or incomplete drivers. DriverMax free driver update service can end driver headaches by fundamentally changing the way drivers are managed. Besides replacing obsolete and damaged drivers, DriverMax helps users manage and save drivers that work. With this service, users can export working drivers to compressed archival files. After reinstalling or restoring Windows, needed drivers are accessible in one convenient location.

Faulty drivers can cause Windows to run slowly and inefficiently. Occasionally, Windows can mix up old and new drivers, leading to reduced speed and performance issues. DriverMax is a promising tool for eliminating this problem once and for all. The service is compatible with full range of Windows releases, from Windows XP and Vista through Windows 7 and Windows 8. The DriverMax advantage extends beyond compatibility and ease of use. By simplifying system optimization and reducing maintenance time, DriverMax can improve profitability for commercial computer users and releases home users from needless irritations.

A user-friendly service with strong usability, DriverMax is designed to suit people with varying levels of computing skills. In its years of operation, this free driver update service has garnered strong reviews from CNET and other leading software commentators. With its newest version, DriverMax intents to continue its record of excellence.

Pricing and Availability

DriverMax 7.34 is free (paid update to the Pro Edition available) and runs under Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

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