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Giveaway of CyberSafe Top Secret Ultimate (extended)

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CyberSafe Top Secret Ultimate is a powerful encryption tool that allows you to encrypt pretty much anything and everything: whole disks/partitions (both internal and external drives, including USB flash), individual files, cloud storage (e.g. Google Drive or Dropbox), email, etc.

Giveaway of CyberSafe Top Secret Ultimate

Features of CyberSafe Top Secret:

  • Certificate-Based Encryption

CyberSafe Top Secret’s file encryption system is based on certificates, which are electronic digital identifiers containing a pair of public and private user keys for each of the relevant cryptoproviders (Open SSL, Open PGP, CryptoPRO), as well as certificates in the X.509 and PKC#12 formats, which are used for encrypting email.

Each personal user certificate is unique in that it is issued to a particular email address.

  • Hard Drive Encryption and Virtual Volume Creation

CyberSafe Top Secret allows you to protect all the data on a hard drive, whether that be from a computer, a laptop, an external hard drive, or a USB flash drive, as well as to create separate encrypted partitions of any size on these drives.

Using this, you can create virtual encrypted disks and store confidential information on them in an encrypted format, while at the same time all the other information on your computer will be unencrypted and available for use.

  • E-mail Encryption

CyberSafe Top Secret gives you the ability to protect electronic correspondence when working with any e-mail client (Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, The Bat!, etc.), and also when using mobile devices using iOS or Android. E-mail encryption is carried out on the basis of certificates in the X.509 and PKCS#12 formats. Step-by-step instructions on features of encryption control are provided in User’s Guide on the program site.

  • Hiding files and folders

CyberSafe Top Secret allows you to hide both separate folders with files and entire logical disks from the operating system. The hidden elements remain invisible when booting the computer in safe mode, when being viewed via a remote administration program, and also if CyberSafe is uninstalled from the computer. The hiding function is combined with encryption, providing the greatest possible protection for confidential information.

  • Flexibility

CyberSafe Top Secret gives you the ability to encrypt files and folders in different ways. When protecting files on a local computer, they can be placed in an encrypted partition of a logical disk, can be kept in a virtual encrypted volume, or can be stored in a folder protected by the transparent encryption feature.

When transferring files to other users, you can use Public Key Infrastructure, password encryption or encrypted self-extracting archives.

  • Supports Several Cryptoproviders

OpenSSL is an open-source cryptographic toolkit that allows you to create RSA, DH, and DSA keys, X.509 and PKCS#12 certificates, digital signatures, and form CSR and CRT.

OpenPGP is a Public Key Infrastructure-based email encryption protocol, which defines standard formats for encrypted messages, digital signatures, private keys, and also allows digital signature validation when exchanging public keys.

CryptoPro CSP is the Russian Federation certified cryptoprovider, providing support for the GOST 28147-89 and the GOST P34.10-2001 cryptostandards, which are necessary when working with any information system associated with the storing and processing of information that constitutes a state secret.

  • Two-Factor Authentication

CyberSafe Top Secret uses a two-factor authentication system. This means that you not only need to know the password to access encrypted files, but also you need to have the private key, which must be stored on a removable disk, not a personal computer .

In this way, even if an intruder somehow manages to figure out your password, they still won’t be able to get access to the encrypted files as the private key is exclusively in your possession.

  • The Trusted Applications System

The Trusted Applications System was added to CyberSafe Top Secret to strengthen its security. It creates a list of trusted programs that will be able to access protected files for the folder the files are kept in, while the files that are not trusted will not have access. This allows you to limit access to confidential information for spyware, malware and other unwanted applications.

CyberSafe Top Secret Ultimate supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8/8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)

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