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Global Connectivity – What will the internet be like for the next billion users?

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There are currently 2.5 billion internet users in the world today, and it is expected that over half of the world’s population will be connected to the internet by the year 2017. In that time 1 billion new users will begin connecting to the internet, which will be a new and different place than it currently is.

Currently there are 6.5 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, which equates to 93% of the world’s population. Even formally remote areas are now mobile accessed, with two-thirds of Africa’s population is now mobile powered. The future web user will be more mobile focused, and the web will adapt to this growing market.

While it may have seemed at home in the field of science fiction, wearable technology will come to the fore in the coming years. This year alone sales of wearable tech items tripled, with 19 million units being sold worldwide. By the year 2018 it is projected that wearable tech sales will have grown to 111.9 million. It isn’t something that people aren’t aware of, currently 70% of consumers are already aware of “wearables” – such as smart watches and fitness bands, with 15% using wearable gadgets in their daily lives.

Future internet users will feel much more connected to the world around them. The spread of the ‘Ubernet’ has already diminished the meaning of borders, and worldwide communities have grown whereby members have shared interests. This widespread connection with a variety of nations and cultures will exist beyond the capacity of current nation-states to control.

Global Connectivity


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