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How Is HTML5 Changing the Web?

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The advanced version of HTML, HTML5 is almost ready for release. It is riding on high expectations wherein people believe that it will change the way we use the web for good. In the following guest post, we have tried to compile some of its features and highlight how HTML5 will herald the change it promises.


HTML5 is slated for a July 2014 release and the expectations are really high. The rumor has it that HTML5 will change the very face of the internet and more likely so as it will enable web designers to use this technology to transform user interactions on the web.

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Still in its developmental phase, the core aims of HTML5 entail:

  •  Improving the HTML language
  • Supporting the most up-to-date multimedia while being easy and compatible to use across different computer systems and devices.

This most advanced version of HTML will require full support from web browsers in order for it to be correctly displayed on all web pages that are compatible with HTML5 functions.

Here are the latest features that HTML5 proposes to bring with it.

  1. Speed: HTML5 will increase speed by removing the additional components required inside the actual code. So, while using an HTML5 browser, no additional information will be required to deliver the same content on the screen. This is because it will pre-recognize what needs to be displayed on the web screen, by employing an amount of code that is more concise. 
  1. Simplified Input Fields: HTML5 will simplify the input fields for various forms. Currently, when an input field is needed, a script is produced to authenticate the said form. The need for Javascript will be fully eliminated as in HTML5, by adding a simple component to every element, the indication that a field is required will become more clear and simplified. 
  1. Audio-Visual Support: Audio-visual support is another big feature of HTML5. Upon achieving full functionality, web developers will no longer require third party plug-ins to stream videos and audios on their sites. 
  1. Canvas Element: Drawing a leaf from Apple’s tech-book, HTML5 is utilizing the canvas element which is already being functional in Firefox and Safari. By employing this feature, web developers will be able to generate flat graphics by using the Draw function right through the code. This will also allow developers to bypass the use of Photoshop to design a 2D image and instead position the image directly inside the code.
  1. Simplified Declarations: HTML5 will make declarations easy and simple. The HTML5 syntax will require a doctype to be properly specified so as to allow the browser to deliver the page on the screen in a standards mode. This will replace the earlier declaration that was tediously lengthy and consumed a considerably large amount of code to prepare it. But with HTML5, the latest doctype declaration has been simplified as <!DOCTYPE html> and it also removes a large amount of coding for the developer.

Apart from the above, HTML5 will also offer enhanced web technology that will no more rely on Flash software to play various animations. The advanced version of HTML will bring in more proficient means of designing and animating objects. The multiple problems associated with flash will be done away with thereby giving way for speedier servers and download rates.

HTML5 therefore will open up a plethora of interesting opportunities and change the way content is created. HTML trainings – HTML5 classroom and HTML boot camp– will also greatly equip developers to reap the maximum benefits of the technology. By the looks of it, HTML5 is definitely promising a future where the use of the web will change forever. 

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