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Infographic: Increasing Demands For Clone Websites

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You might have accessed Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, or any other website. Suddenly it comes to your mind that you should have your own Facebook, Yelp or LinkedIn with some additional features. Think of cool graphics on your websites, various widgets and plugins installed in it.

Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible. You can have a clone of any website you think of. This methodology is called Website Cloning. The term Clone website refers creating a duplicate website in any language but it has benefits which makes it more popular now a days.

Clone websites have various advantages:

  • Customizable: You can customize your website by adding or removing features in the existing script according to your need.
  • Highly Scalable: The scope of clone scripts is extendable according to your requirement.
  • Cost effective: Implementing clone scripts is more cost effective than developing a website from scratch.
  • Saves Time: It takes less time to customize a clone script.
  • Full Access to Source code: You will have 100% access to the source code of clone script.
  • Easy integration with your script: You can easily integrate the clone script with your own existing script.
  • Language Oriented: You can choose a development platform in which your website is to be build.
  • No Copyright or IP issue: Developing or owing a clone script does not have any Copyright or Intellectual Property issues unless you are making a clone of patent application.
  • Generate your own License: Since you own the website so you can generate your own license.

Wow, so many features in a single clone script. That’s Amazing!!! Right?

Do you need a clone solution?

There are many companies who are working in this domain. If you want a clone script then we would recommend a company i.e. Nine Hertz who has various clone scripts of big websites like Airbnb, Instagram, Yelp, Groupon etc. and expertise in developing clone scripts. For more details, visit

The following info-graphic will help you to learn more about Website Cloning.

Website Cloning

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