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iOS 8 Beta 2 New Features and Bug Fixes

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iOS 8 beta 2 versions just released few weeks ago and this have some unique features. There are some extra new features and bug fixes from the previous version. Some important improvements about iOS 8 beta 2 are given below.

New features of iOS 8 Beta 2

  • The podcast application is now going to be pre-installed. So you did not have it, now you do.
  • If you go ahead and pull down your spotlight search, you will notice that whatever you last search was actually going to be highlighted in the text field. This way you can quickly go ahead and start typing for a new query.
  • If you are in settings and you are down in a list somewhere say on ‘mail’, you can actually swipe back and it will go to keep your positions.  That going to auto-scroll all the way to the top like you will see in the iOS 8 beta 1.
  • You can now quickly add websites to your shared links  or you can quickly add them to the bookmarks. So, within safari, if you just press and hold down on the little bookmark icon, you will see ‘add bookmarks’, ‘add to reading list’, ‘subscribe in shared links’. This feature is new.
  • Now, within iMessage, if you go ahead and open up and notice that the camera and the microphone button are now grey which was blue before. You will also have the option in iMessage to mark all the messages as read. If you click on ‘edit’ and  you will see ‘read all’ at the bottom left corner and it will read all of the messages you got.
  • On the iPad you are going to have productive text and now in the app store you no longer going to have that little glitch where it was showing titles like (insta…. Or angry…..) which now reformatted everything correctly. Sounds a little bug fix in iOS 8 beta 2.
  • You have ‘raised to listen’ toggle within your settings. So if you go to settings and go down to iMessage, you will have ‘raise to listen’. So you can disable that if you do not want that there to quickly send little voice memos.
  • You will have ‘assistive touch’ now. If you click on assistive touch, you will now have ‘control center’ and ‘notification center’.
  • Within safari you can double space to do period again.
  • Next up, when you restart your phone it will not going to ask you to login to iCloud every time. Its just going to act likes a normal phone.
  • Auto brightness seems to working better now. Having the whole glitch that we had before.
  • This is just unknown issue, extensive console login in launch tabs may cause reduce battery life. If you actually launch notification center then reboot your device.
  • Recently deleted albums now stay that the items be erased 30 days after being marked for deletion. Nice and helpful and people are not going to be freaking out when anything gone.

That’s all I have to put a flashlight on. There are also some minor bug fixes and updates in iOS 8 Beta 2. You can go ahead and find something and also do not forget to share with us.  

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