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Outlook 2013 Keyboard Shortcuts – Mail

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outlook keyboard shortcuts

Find full keyboard shortcuts for Outlook 2013: Outlook 2013 Keyboard Shortcuts

You will find full list of Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts for Mail in Outlook 2013 below:

Ctrl+Shift+I: Switch to Inbox

Ctrl+Shift+O: Switch to Outbox

Ctrl+Tab (with focus on the To box), and then Tab to the Accounts button: Choose the account from which to send a message

Ctrl+K: Check names

Alt+S: Send

Ctrl+R: Reply to a message

Ctrl+Shift+R: Reply all to a message

Ctrl+Alt+R: Reply with meeting request

Ctrl+F: Forward a message

Ctrl+ Alt+J: Mark a message as not junk

Ctrl+Shift+I: Display blocked external content (in a message)

Ctrl+ Shift+S: Post to a folder

Ctrl+Shift+N: Apply Normal style

Ctrl+M or F9: Check for new messages

Up Arrow: Go to the previous message

Down Arrow: Go to the next message

Ctrl+N: Create a message (when in Mail)

Ctrl+Shift+M: Create a message (from any Outlook view)

Ctrl+O: Open a received message

Ctrl+Shift+D: Delete and Ignore a Conversation

Ctrl+Shift+B: Open the Address Book

Insert: Add a Quick Flag to an unopened message

Ctrl+Shift+G: Display the Flag for Follow Up dialog box

Ctrl+Q: Mark as read

Ctrl+U: Mark as unread

Ctrl+Shift+W: Open the Mail Tip in the selected message

F4: Find or replace

Shift+F4: Find next

Ctrl+Enter: Send

Ctrl+P: Print

Ctrl+F: Forward

Ctrl+Alt+F: Forward as attachment

Alt+Enter: Show the properties for the selected item

Ctrl+Shift+U: Create a multimedia message 

Ctrl+Alt+M: Mark for Download

Ctrl+Alt+U: Clear Mark for Download

Ctrl+B (when a Send/Receive is in progress): Display Send/Receive progress

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Outlook keyboard shortcuts from Microsoft

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