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How To Password Protect Folders With Kakasoft Folder Protector

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Everyone wants their documents or files safe. They do not any compromise for their file security. For digital files and documents, they are equally confidential and everyone wants to keep it safe. Some wants their pictures to hide or some like to hide videos. But the problem is, this protection normally possible in Hard Disk folder on your computer. What if you are trying to hide or password protect folders or files in USB drive or any mobile devices? Many people might think about paid software and they might think that they have to buy one application for Hard Disk folder protection and other application for USB folders or other mobile devices folders folder protection. But the good news is Kakasoft folder protection does this work for both Hard Disk folders and also for USB folders.

Kakasoft Folder Protector

Password protect folders with Kakasoft folder protector is super easy. You have to go through with some simple steps. The major benefit for this software is that it is portable to use. Kakasoft folder protector processes the password protecting work in 3 types. You can lock or scramble or encrypt the folder or files. You can also apply security to your files that will not be movable, accessible and deletable. Another major feature of this software is that you do not need to install this software, you just run this software and start password protect folders or files. Kakasoft folder protection software uses 256-bit AES encryption technology and this software is available only for windows users. Both hard disk folder and other mobile device folders can be protected by kakasoft software. So this is worth pending your money for this software. 

How to Password Protect Folder?

Method 1:

kakasoft folder protectorStep 1: Download the software ‘Kakasoft folder protector‘.

Step 2: Go to the folder that you want to password protect.

Step 3: Copy the software to the folder you want to protect.

Step 4: Double click the software and then click ‘Run‘.

Step 5: There will be options to type password twice. Do that and then click ‘Protect‘.

Step 6: Done, your all files on that folder will be hidden. Your folders icon will also change after password protects folders.

Method 2:

Step 1: Go ahead and download the software ‘Kakasoft folder protector‘.

Step 2: Double click on the software and then click ‘Run‘.

Step 3: You will find option to choose the folder you want to password protect. Browse there and choose the folder.

Step 4: Then type password for two times.

Step 5: If you think that you can forget password then you can set a password hint that will help you remember that password.

Step 6: You can also add email address to retrieve that folder password if you forget. By this feature you can setup different password for different folders.

In order to unprotect that folder, you will find a part of Soft on that folder you protected. Double click on that. You will see a window show up. There you have to type the password and then select the unprotected (virtual drive, temporary or complete) type you want. Then click ‘Unprotect‘ and it’s done.

Video guide:

Password protect folders is necessary for the sake of your files security. If you have children then you definitely need to password protect folders on your drives. You may want to password protect your files on USB or other mobile drives that can be stolen. For all this kind of protection, Kakasoft folder protection will be the best choice.

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