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The Rampant Success of Android Phones

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Android phones are a rage in the market today because of their user-friendly nature, vast number of applications, pocket-friendly smartphones and ease of applications. Because of its flexibility and different choices available, Android has become the favorite with the consumers and also the developers and is certainly an answer to Apple’s OS that has been developed by Google. You can now get Android phones at affordable costs which is not the case with other phones. These have been thoughtfully designed for meeting the requirements of the consumers and are very user friendly. Because of these factors the sale of androids has increased substantially across the world. A vast range of apps varying from health to finance is available for the Android gadgets in Google Play Store.

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The grand success achieved by the Android is a phenomenon in whole mobile industry. Let us try and find out the secret behind this success of the Android apps.

  • Statistics reveal that in year 2013, over 70% of market of phone companies belonged to the Android phones. It has a very large number of dependable followers all over the world.
  • Android is open source development which is available without any payment. This also has helped it in achieving greater fame because everyone is game for free application or OS.
  • A number of Android apps can be had for free and some can be purchased at an affordable cost.
  • Android provides Software Development Kit that can be used inventively and one can readily create an app instantly.
  • Google Play Store is largest mobile app market getting hundreds of the clicks every day. Compared to other platforms, Android application has much bigger reach on the audience.
  • Google updates Android regularly as per the prevailing trends and the requirements. Many more strategies are being used by the developers for improvement in sales.
  • It has extra features which permit developers to develop apps of other companies such as iPhone and BlackBerry and change them to cross platform apps which may be used on different devices. Android app development is ideal for different types of inter-application integration.
  • It presents development environment that is user friendly. Thus different custom android apps are produced and tested for their functions before these are uploaded for download.
  • Adequate support is provided to the developers in designing the applications making use of Android till the app gets uploaded to Google Play Store. You can go straight to the app of your choice and download it after accepting the terms and conditions.
  • There is always a scope for the renovation that attracts a number of imaginative developers.
  • Compared to many other platforms Android is very consistent and strong. Its dependability can be confirmed by its use by over 49 billion Android applications. has a comprehensive list of all sites offering various deals, coupons and discounts on smartphones. These are latest deals and can be availed for getting higher discounts on your purchases.
  • It provides safer access to the source code. This helps the security companies and experts in auditing applications.
  • Its applications are mostly customizable and these may be modified or altered as per the need of businessmen and customers.
  • The programmers are able to solve the security problems concerning Android apps immediately because of availability of source code.

Android is the best application because of better features, technical independence and great security.

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