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Screenleap exentsion – Share your screen instantly from within Gmail

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The ScreenLeap exentsion is an extension for Google Chrome, that allows you share your screen from within Gmail. This extension will add buttons to Gmail that allows you to start a Java-based screen share with just one click.

Add the extension ScreenLeap for your Chrome here (Get ScreenLeap for your Windows or Mac)

How to share your screen with the extension?

After installing, open your Gmail and you will see the green button for sharing. You can share your screen within Gmail in three different ways:

share your screen

Email Composition:

Click on the “Compose” button in Gmail and you will see a “Share Screen” button at the top of the composition area. Click on the button to share your screen.

Contact Hovercard:

Move your cursor over a contact’s name to display the contact hovercard and then click the screen share icon to share your screen. If the contact is online, we will open a Google Chat window and auto-populate it with the share link. If the contact is offline, we will auto-populate an email with the share link for you.

Google Chat:

Click on the screen share icon in the chat window to share your screen. The share link will be inserted into the chat window for you.

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