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Spotdox – Making Dropbox Better

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Spotdox is the great add-on to Dropbox that lets you access any file on your computer via Dropbox from any location or device. With Spotdox you can access to all the files on any Mac or PC you install it on. (Register free account and learn how to get more space for your Dropbox up to over 16Gb).

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To use Spotdox you have to allow it connect to your Dropbox account and turn it on for using anytime. This add-on will connect you to Spotdox’s website with your browser. Then all of the files from your PC/Mac will be viewable in the browser, and the most used contents of your PC/Mac will be linked to Spotbox homepage, such as: Desktop, Home folder, Hard Disk, Documents, and Downloads.

You will not allowed to view the files but can get a basic more information: file size, extension, last updated, notes or dimensions of an image. You also can not delete or move your files, but you can add a file to Dropbox that isn’t currently in there.

Tip: If you need to manage all cloud account, find more tool to combine cloud storages.


With Free account you can do:

  • View File Previews

    • iOS and Android app access
    • Unlimited Mac/PC’s

And paid account can do:

  • View File Previews

    • iOS and Android app access
    • Unlimited Mac/PC’s
    • Get and Share Files
    • Email and IM a file/folder link
    • Copy files to Dropbox
    • Remove files from Dropbox

System requirement: Mac OS X 10.6 or later, Windows PC

If you’d like this app, this is a chance for you to get full 1 year of paid account, all you need to do is access this giveaway page and:

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