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Things You Must Know Before Buying a BlackBerry Q10

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BlackBerry Q10 is a fully equipped phone which has QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen. It is a stylish and robust Smartphone of BlackBerry. People seem to be under the impression that it is another Smartphone meant for use by the enterprise. Doubt still persists whether it should be bought or not. This article will be of great help to you in taking a decision regarding its purchase.

BlackBerry Q10

Physical Aspects

BlackBerry Q10 is not very stylish in terms of physical appearance and the design. The small screen appears to be rather disappointing. It has a screen of 3.1 inch which might not bother you much till you try to use the keypad. But those who like to have bigger screen would consider this to be a drawback. You may find it to be cluttered when you try to use it use it for browsing something which has more media content than text. You are also likely to face difficulty while watching videos which are likely to appear small. Your browsing experience will not be enjoyable and might in fact feel disappointed. You would also be reluctant to launch a website and navigate. Other than launching mobile version of website, you might find the task tiring.

The missing home button of BlackBerry Q10 may also annoy you. You will have to swipe upwards to screen for exiting an app as is the case with Z10 which certainly provides you the opportunity to scroll, navigate and also perform the touch gestures on the larger screen. With Q10 you would neither be in a position to perform the touch gestures or navigate. The screen being so small, there is the possibility that you might exit it accidently while attempting to scroll through or launching an app. 

For example, when you wish to scroll through page, system will exit application automatically. You will come back to home page. Scroll could be interpreted as the swipe for back to home gesture. Phone of Q10 will turn on even with slight friction when it is in pocket. Default settings become useless because of the screen being very sensitive. This problem could have been solved with inclusion of physical home button. 


Having bought a new phone using Amazon coupon, you would prefer to download apps on this but this might disappoint you. Immediately after downloading app you might find it broken. Many apps are not available in market for this phone and this would disappoint you. You could find UI cut out of screen and display distorted. Apps such as Netflix and Instagram are missing from standard version.


In case you are not much concerned about touch screen and unavailability of appropriate apps, its physical keyboard is fine. It is convenient to type without errors as keys are ridged which enables soft touch typing. There would never be a complaint regarding its keyboard. Keyboard shortcuts would assist in navigating faster. Check out for latest offers and deals on blackberry. The bottom Line is that For those wanting handset having QWERTY keypad, BlackBerry Q10 is a good Smartphone.

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