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Watch Videos and Images of Your Android Tablets on TV by Using HDMI Cable

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Tablet PCs allow us to perform various tasks, which is why they cannot be considered any lesser than computers or laptops anymore. Of course, watching movies might not be all that fun on small screens with low audio outputs.

HDMI Cable

The good thing is that you can also watch the videos and images stored in your Android tablets, on your TV, and enjoy the full fledged movie experience. You will need to purchase HDMI Cable that is compatible with Android devices, which is if you already don’t have one. However, make sure that your device also supports HDMI connection.

What is HDMI?

It is the abbreviation for High Definition Multimedia Interface. By using this cable, you will be able to transfer videos, sound files, and images from the source devices like Android tablets and Smartphones, to the second display output devices like TVs, projectors, and monitors.

These cables have the capability of delivering high definition video and audio files. In the past, it was quite complex to connect external input devices to televisions, because of so many colored wires and ports. With the help of HDMI cables, you can easily connect your Android powered tablet PCs to your TV with a single cable. 

Although, it is quite simple to connect your tablet with HDMI cables, there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind.

Things to remember when connecting your smartphone to your TV: 

  • Make sure that you do not apply to much pressure while inserting the cable port to your television. If you find it not going in easily, then pull it out completely and try it again but pointing it straighter. However, make sure that they are firmly attached without applying too much force.
  • Your device may take some time to load after the connection is bridged, so wait for a while before you think of pulling off the cable. 
  • If your HDMI cable connection does not work on your first attempt, then restart both your devices as the first troubleshooting step. In most cases, the connection starts getting recognized after a reboot.
  • When purchasing the HDMI cable, make sure that you buy only the original ones that are compatible with your tablet PC. If you buy fake or substandard ones, then you might experience interruptions and poor file transfer quality. 
  • If you face any difficulty while connecting your Android tablet with TV, then check your phones settings to see if you have allowed for the accessing of HDMI format. Default settings might not be suitable to connect your television with your smartphone. You could also see if you get the options to increase the resolutions and refresh rates.
  • Also remember that you will be able to watch only the videos and photographs that are already stored in your tablet. You will not be able to watch HDMI output from other video apps like YouTube.

There are many tablet PCs that come with port for inserting the HDMI cables. If not, you can still buy an additional connector which will allow you to connect your tablet with HDMI cables to your TV.

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