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33 Games, Apps, Childrens Books and Audiobooks for iOS

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This is the list of 33 games, educational & entertainment apps, ebooks and audiobooks for kids FREE to use and play on iOS devices!

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Mia the Mouse

Games and Entertainment apps:

  1. Monster Pinball for iPhone
  2. Zip for iPad
  3. Multiball Pinball for iPhone
  4. Talking Baby Hippo for iPhone, iPad


  1. The Ultimate Audiobook Library: 2,947 Classics for iPhone

Education apps:

  1. Interactive Alphabet for iPhone, iPad
  2. Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer for iPhone, iPad
  3. Kindergarten Bingo for iPhone, iPad
  4. MarcoPolo Ocean for iPhone, iPad
  5. Collins Big Cat: Playing Story Creator for iPad
  6. Collins Big Cat: At the Dump Story Creator for iPad
  7. Bugsy’s Math Quest for iPhone, iPad
  8. Audubon Owls for iPhone
  9. Times Table for iPad
  10. Look & Listen On The Farm for iPhone
  11. What Dog Is This? for iPhone


  1. A Ferry To Airy for iPad
  2. Slibby The Snail Adventures for iPhone, iPad
  3. The Monster Under My Bed for iPhone, iPad
  4. Felicity Fly Meets Veronica Vac for iPad
  5. Mia The Mouse for iPad
  6. The Wee Adventures of Shabu Shabu  for iPad
  7. Nursery Rhymes for iPhone, iPad
  8. Ladybug Zee for iPhone, iPad
  9. The Gorgeous Bike for iPhone, iPad
  10. A Shine Show Shock for iPad
  11. A Day In New York City With Noah for iPhone
  12. Twas The Night Before Jasper’s Christmas for iPhone, iPad
  13. Muppers & Poot for iPad
  14. Rapunzel: Bedtime Fairytale for iPhone, iPad
  15. The Raven (HD) for iPad
  16. Striding Bird for iPhone, iPad
  17. The Funny Fair for iPad

Hope you enjoy with the apps and ebooks!

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