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4 Apps to Help You Organize Your Inbox

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Spam mailMany people today have more than two or even three email accounts. This is mainly attributed to the mass email advertising that is carried out on the internet. In order to visit any website these days, you will be forced to check in with a valid email address and usually set up a user name and password. This is an aggressive method that companies have been using online for lead harvesting. Once they have a way to reach out to you they will, and it will be a flood of online newsletters, sales advertisements, and in some cases viruses. Many of us just use a junk email for this online requirement of checking in. There are now better ways to manage what type of content you want to read and may be beneficial versus solicitor junk mail and spam. Here are a few handy applications to have for organizing this content and filtering what you do and don’t want to keep.


A newer very handy application to note is one called Pocket. This application was made specifically for organizing your media content on your laptop, phone, or tablet. Pocket allows you to put articles, videos, music, documents, and many other files types onto your device directly from social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. The application will organize your content however you would like it to be customized. Once you have extracted your content from the web, it is downloaded onto your device and ready for your use without needing to be connected to the internet. The user interface is very user-friendly and has a nice look to it. With Pocket you can capture pictures, video, online content, and immediately have it organized and stored to your device for later use. Get Pocket for iPad, iPhone for free, or Pocket Extension For Google Chrome.


An application that is one step removed from the actual content, but still helps you to organize your online searches and information is called Delicious.  This application will grab links and websites for the type of information that you are looking for.  If you do not have the time to access the information directly at that moment, Delicious will store that webpage so you may reference it later. Instead of filing your actual newsletter content, you can file its web address instead. Much like a modern day card catalog this will help in the amount of data you are saving on your device by keeping the reference link instead of the actual content saved.


A very versatile application that will allow you to be better organized is Evernote. Evernote is a more robust application and can be used for many purposes. Evernote will enable you quickly to gather web articles, handwritten notes, photos, clips of pages or pictures, and store the physical and digital versions to keep with you at all times. Evernote has a search feature that will allow you to request information by keyword or name. If you wish to share your information with others, Evernote will display your information in full screen to showcase it to others. Evernote is a great tool for organizing your online media and newsletters. It is robust enough to be used with many file types, and will allow you to be better organized and prepared for business and hobbies alike. Get Evernote for iPhone or Android.


Diigo is another application for organizing your online content and being able to customize how you retrieve it. One spin that this application provides in the ability to annotate your information to make notes, highlights, and references. It also allows you to collaborate with different user groups using the information it stores. It provides different filtering and archiving mechanisms to further customize how your store information and whom you share it with. The makers dub it a multi-tool for knowledge management. This tool has the fundamental features of many applications of this type, but goes a little further in its ability to highlight, place sticky notes, and mark up your documentation.

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