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4 VoIP Apps For Smartphone

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VoIP is the technology is changing the mobile world in the future and is the basis for the development of VoIP phone system, but also the threats to providers of mobile services. So what is VoIP and how we can take advantage of VoIP technology to minimize the cost of monthly phone charges.

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VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol – the revolution in the telecommunications industry. Basically, it’s is the technology of  turning phone signal into digital data then sent over the internet from there rather than through telecommunications services providers. Then converted into sound, photographs which can be heard on the recipient’s phone. This data transferring method leverages the existing strengths of the internet infrastructure that allows you to call anywhere at a cost much cheaper than traditional calling.

There are many services that allow free calls on Android devices such as: Skype, Viber,… The following list is the best VoIP apps that allows you to make calls in accordance with VoIP protocol:


VoIP Apps - Viber

Viber is one of the most popular VoIP services for smart phones. It provided very good sound quality and stability (with an Internet connection quality), ability to send messages to a group of people. You can also share media files with other Viber users. It works on multiple platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone for both voice calls and text messaging, only support messaging on the less popular platforms like Bada, Symbian Series 40, and BlackBerry OS.

You can make free calling for free with any Viber users in the world or to landline numbers. The application is provided free of charge, download at Viber website:


VoIP Apps - Skype

This VoIP service is one of the largest services in the world today with over 600 million users on platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, PS Vita, Smart TVs Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Windows, Windows 8 and RT, OS X, Linux. With smart features, Skype is the best VoIP services, you can call, sent message via Skype instantly. You can share pictures, voice calls and video calls at the same time call up to 10 different people use Skype in the world.

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Like Viber, Skype supports voice calls and free messaging between Skype users, or cheap phone calls to other phone numbers worldwide. Download free Skype for your PC, Mac and smartphone.


VoIP Apps - Tango

One other great option that is Tango, a voice application quite similar to Viber and Whatsapp. Allows you free to call other users that use the same service immediately without the need to register a username or password. In addition, Tango also provides free video calling with good quality.

Tango is a free app and supports most of popular platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows. Get it at Tango Website:

Bobsled Calling

VoIP Apps - Bobsled calling

Unlike other VoIP services, Bobsled Calling also allows you to call free of charge to not only their users but also other mobile and landline numbers  in supported countries including: United States, Canada, Puerto Rico. This is really great if you live in 3 countries on or have regular contact relatives living there. In addition, Bobsled not only works on the iOS and Android platform but also can be used directly through the web browser on your personal computer. Get at Bobsled Calling website:

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