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Broken link checker review

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Website contains various kinds of contents like text, codes, images, links and more. The main goal to develop a website is to satisfy visitors. But when a link is dead under an article and visitor can not get the access of that link then its very annoying for the visitor. It can destroy trust of that visitor and website owner may loose returning visitor. So it is very much important that images are working properly or not, codes are still working or changed access and also very important that links are working or not. If any problem with links then it may affect on website ranking. Suppose you have done many internal linking to your website and some of your links are dead or not working. In that case your ranking may harm this broken links.

broken link checker

Sometimes user searches for some links which is not exist in your website. That links also counts from Google bot. What you need to do is to find out that links and redirect that links to original links.

In order to check the problem with the links in a website, you need to use some tools for that. It’s quite impossible to check manually one by one. Among them, a very powerful tool is available to check website broken links and that is Online Broken Link Checker. 

Features of Online Broken Link Checker:

  • It will check your websites dead links or broken as well.
  • With condition you can scan almost unlimited number of webpages.
  • Validation for both internal links and external links.
  • It will show you the location of that broken or dead link to make it easier for you.
  • It will report 404 errors after checking whole website.
  • It runs every powerful platform like windows, mac, Linux/Unix or iOS.
  • Free version has 3000 pages limit, which is fairly awesome.
  • It can lookup 100 pages for about 20 seconds, which is quite fast.
  • It tells you error types and source of the links.
  • There is a ‘stop’ button by which you can stop the process any time.
  • It is very much important for SEO because broken links create negative impact for your website.
  • It also detects linkrot along with other problems of a websites integral.
  • It totally supports subdomains, which is another big feature.
  • It shows your broken codes along with the page link.

 How to do:

  • Go into their website: and type your desired website address.
  • You will find “Terms and Conditions” and you can go through that.
  • Then click “find broken links” and in the next page you have to type captcha.
  • It will take some time to analyze your website links but its too fast doing this.

 If you do not know why do you need to check your websites broken link then visit their website. You will get a very detail about why you need this tools and how it is going to be beneficiary for you. You can also check their successful customer support with these tools by going this link.

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